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Submit a Plan

If you know of a social enterprise that meets the following criteria, they may submit an executive summary and business plan. All entrants will receive constructive written feedback within one month of the close date. If you have any questions please send an email to We look forward to seeing their innovative ideas!

Our Investment Criteria

The Social Venture Fund focuses exclusively on for-profit enterprises that are committed to positive and measurable social or environmental impact. In evaluating potential investments, we employ rigorous social and financial valuation metrics to ensure that companies have the potential to provide a strong blended social/financial return.

We make minority investments ranging from $50,000-$100,000 through preferred equity or convertible debt securities, in businesses with outstanding leadership and demonstrated traction in the marketplace. Their products or services have been validated through customer usage, including testing or piloting, and may be commercially available.

The SvF only invests in US-based businesses working in the areas of Education, Food Systems & Environment, Health, and Urban Revitalization. The Urban Revitalization sector is particularly interested in business plans from the Southeast Michigan/Detroit area.

Capacity Building

Our mission at SvF is not only to provide you with the capital to scale your enterprise, but also to provide you with technical assistance so they can achieve your desired impact. By tapping into the business acumen of fund members as well as the wider University of Michigan community, we can help you further develop your business models, organizational strength, and skill sets to either prepare you for investment and/or to ensure your success post-investment.

Capacity building projects can take the form of semester consulting projects or summertime internships. If you feel that that could benefit from our capacity building program, please contact us at

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