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IntraLase Corporation - IPO 10/2004
Date of initial investment: May 1998
Principal co-investors: EDF Ventures, Brentwood Venture Capital
Co-founded with scientists from the University of Michigan's Kellogg Eye Center, California-based IntraLase is advancing the next generation of ophthalmic lasers to correct myopic vision problems.

HandyLab - Acquired by Becton Dickenson 11/2009
Investments: June 2000, September 2000, November 2001, May 2002, May 2004, December 2005
Principal co-investor: EDF Ventures, Arboretum Ventures, Ardesta, Pfizer Ventures
Started by two recently minted University of Michigan Ph.D.'s in Chemical Engineering, Ann Arbor-based HandyLab has developed methods for miniaturizing medical tests so that they can be instantly conducted on a handheld computer in a doctor's office.

Silverpop Systems
Investment: August 2000
Principal co-investor: Draper Fisher Jurvetson 
Atlanta-based Silverpop Systems has developed a distributed computer network that allows for the distribution of "rich" content over the Internet, e.g., e-mails that contain audio and video in a significantly improved fashion.

Mobius Microsystems, Inc. - Acquired by Integrated Device Technology, Inc. 01/2010
Investment: April 2004
Principal co-investors: Waypoint Ventures, Angel Funds
California-based Mobius empowers integrated circuit designers and manufacturers to achieve previously unattainable levels of analog and mixed-signal integration across all process technologies.

Direct Flow Medical, Inc.
Investment: March 2005
Principal co-investors: EDF Ventures
Headquartered in Santa Rosa, California, Direct Flow Medical is a medical device company that is developing a stentless system for the percutaneous replacement of the aortic valve.

Investment: November 2005
Principal co-investors: Angel Funds
Founded in 1996 on technology developed at the University of Michigan, Nanocerox produces mixed metal oxide nanoscale ceramic powders. These materials have a wide variety of applications, including military armor, paint pigments, lighting components and sensors.

Investment: March 2006
Principal co-investors: Angel Funds
Headquartered in Ann Arbor, Nanobio focuses on developing and commercializing dermatological products, topical anti-infectives, and vaccines.

Rhevision Technology
Investment: March 2006
Principal co-investors: EDF Ventures, In-Q-Tel Ventures
California-based Rhevision Technology develops miniature tunable camera lenses. The first products being developed are optical auto-focus and zoom lens assemblies targeting the high-growth camera phone market.

IntelePeer Inc.
Investment: January 2008
Principal co-investors: Kennet Venture Partners, IVS Fund, EDF Ventures
IntelePeer is a VoIP managed-service provider offering global peering infrastructure, network interoperability, industry-leading quality of service, and advanced VoIP-enabled applications.

accord biosciences logo

Accord Biosciences, Inc.
Investment: April 2008
Principal co-investors: Arboretum Ventures, Sigvion Capital
Accord Biosciences is a Michigan-based company that focuses on the development of catalytic nitric oxide coatings for blood-contacting medical devices. These coatings address serious complications related to clotting and altered healing. The technology is licensed from the University of Michigan.


Investment: April 2008
Principal co-investors: RPM Ventures
Kabongo, formerly Quantum Learning Technologies, is a Michigan-based online educational community that enables children to reach their academic potential by embedding scientifically-based educational activities in engaging, interactive programs that incorporate computer game design techniques.

Environmental Operating Solutions Inc.
Investment: July 2008
Principal co-investors: Stuart Mill Venture Partners
Based in Massachusetts, Environmental Operating Solutions provides solutions for the removal of nitrate-nitrogen in the wastewater treatment process. The company delivers safer and more economical and environmentally sustainable denitrification solutions.

Lycera Corporation
Investment: July 2008
Principal co-investors: EDF Ventures, Angel Investors
Based in Michigan, Lycera is developing therapeutics for diseases of the immune system: such as tissue rejection in transplants, rheumatoid arthritis and lupus.

arbor photonics logo

Arbor Photonics
Investment:  February 2009
Principal co-investors: RPM Ventures
Arbor Photonics is an Ann Arbor based company commercializing technology that originated in the U-M's Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS). They are committed to providing high power laser solutions that increase productivity and enable new capabilities for advanced laser materials processing and defense applications.

delphinus logo
Delphinus Medical Technologies, Inc.
Investment: May 2010
Principal Co-Investors: Arboretum Ventures, Beringea, North Coast Technology Investors, First Step Fund
Delphinus Medical Technologies, LLC., is a Michigan company and a spin-off of the Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute (KCI). Delphinus has succeeded in building a three-dimensional full-breast ultrasound imaging device that effectively differentiates benign from malignant masses in breast cancer cases using a safe (non-ionizing), comfortable (non-compressing), and reliable (operator independent) patented technology. Utilizing multi-parametric ultrasound and sophisticated computer algorithms, rather than X-rays, SoftVue safely and comfortably screens women for breast cancer, assesses breast cancer risk, diagnoses breast diseases and monitors therapy.

icn logo

Intelligent Clearing Network, Inc.
Investment: May 2010
Principal Co-Investors: Early Stage Partners
Connecticut-based Intelligent Clearing Network is an innovative software-as-a-service (SaaS) company that electronically delivers and clears digital and paper coupons through a single connection at the point-of-sale in grocery, drug and mass merchant retailers—collecting a processing fee for each incentive redeemed.

sonitus medical logo

Sonitus Medical, Inc.

Investment: March 2011
Principal Co-Investors: Arboretum Ventures, Affinity Ventures
Headquartered in San Mateo, CA, Sonitus Medical, Inc. is a medical device company that manufactures the world's first non-surgical and removable hearing prosthetic to transmit sound via the teeth for single-sided deafness.

transcorp logo

TransCorp, Inc.

Investment: April 2011
Principal Co-Investors: EDF Ventures, Hopen Life Science Ventures
Based in Grand Rapids, MI, TransCorp Inc. develops and commercializes novel, minimally invasive surgical instruments and implants for neurosurgical and orthopedic applications.

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