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U-M Based Student-Led Investment Funds

Wolverine Venture Fund
The $7 million dollar Wolverine Venture Fund invests primarily in early stage companies. The Fund is one of the world's first VC funds where students are partners in the investment decision-making process. The Fund's students members seek, screen and negotiate investments and develop significant experience in these areas - and in working with VCs and entrepreneurs. An advisory board of professional venture capitalists and entrepreneurs, and approximately 28 MBA students participate in managing this multi-million dollar fund.

Zell Lurie Commercialization Fund
The Zell Lurie Commercialization Fund is a pre-seed investment fund established to identify and accelerate the commercialization of great ideas generated within the University community and the surrounding area. Zell Lurie Fund participants (Zell Lurie Fellows) evaluate and invest in early stage entrepreneurial opportunities to learn about the commercialization process and how to be a seed investor. The Zell Lurie Fund teams, focused on healthcare, technology, consumer, and cleantech, work closely with founders, entrepreneurs and with the University of Michigan's Office of Technology Transfer in the course of their work. The Fund is also supported by an advisory board comprised of individuals who have been successful in developing early-stage companeis, markets and technologies.

Social Venture Fund
Launched in September of 2009, the Social Venture Fund is the first student-led impact investment fund and the first to close a deal among other such funds that have launched. SVF focuses exclusively on U.S. based, for-profit social enterprises and is dedicated to pursuing continued innovation in impact investing. It invests at least $50,000 in early stage companies that generate both financial and social returns. The fund focuses on companies that are responding to critical challenges within the Education, Food Systems, Environment, Health, and Urban Revitalization sectors. SVF also works closely with its portfolio companies on capacity building projects to support the growth and impact of its investments. SVF is led by approximately 40 MBAs and BBAs, nearly one-half of whom are pursuing dual-degrees in Education, Public, Environment, Health, Law and Public Policy.

Zell Early-Stage Fund
The Zell Early-Stage Fund is a new venture capital and pre-venture capital investment fund that will be operated by Ross BBA students under the supervision of the Funds' Faculty Managing Director. The Fund is modeled on ZLI's Wolverine Venture Fund and the Zell Commercialization Fund. Similar to the other venture funds, the Zell Early-Stage Fund will invest in real money in real deals in real companies.

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