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The Social Venture Fund (SvF) is an impact investment fund that invests in sustainable, innovative, for-profit companies that place the generation of a significant social impact at the heart of their mission and way of doing business. SvF aims to support the expansion and proliferation of enterprises that respond to societal needs that would otherwise not be met as effectively or at all by other market players. The fund is organized into five smaller portfolios - Education, Environment, Finance, Food & Nutrition, Health and Urban Revitalization – and is currently focused geographically on Detroit and Southeast Michigan.

As the premier student-run social venture fund, SvF aims to optimize the blended value of financial and social returns on investments and to provide students with a hands-on educational experience that aligns with the educational mission of the Ross School of Business.

Our Mission
Transform the way business is done by educating the next generation of socially-minded business leaders to invest in and manage innovative, profitable, and sustainable businesses.

SvF aims to co-invest and syndicate deals with the expanding number of impact investment funds sharing similar financial and social goals. SvF will use a diverse set of investment instruments to maximize the flexibility in meeting an entrepreneur’s needs and ensure exit opportunities for the fund. SvF will provide both early-stage and development capital to mission-aligned companies in order to foster business growth and increase the flow of social capital. The fund is currently fund-raising.

Conceived and launched through the entrepreneurial efforts of four Ross MBA students in 2009, the Social Venture Fund is the country’s first student-run social venture fund. SvF is overseen by Professor Gautam Kaul and housed at the Zell Lurie Institute.


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