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VC/PE Research
The Center maintains continuous tracks in several major areas, and is building a body of research in these areas over time, in order to provide unique information and definitive analyses in these areas and to cooperate with other researchers in doing so.

Examples of Completed Invited Papers
  • Financial Management Association - The Financing of Entrepreneurial Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises: Characteristics and Public Policy Issues
  • Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City - Equity Finance and the Economic Development of Rural America: Framework for Private Sector Initiatives and Positive Economic Public Policy
  • Government of France, Conseil du Credit et du Titre - Financing Small and Medium-Sized Companies: Lessons to be Learned From The U.S. Experience

Examples of Current Research Tracks

Speculative Markets
Hedge Funds: Investors of Last Resort? Review of Financial Studies (2006 forthcoming)

Geographic Factors in Entrepreneurial Finance
Spatial Characteristics of Venture Capital and Initial Public Offerings

Applied Finance
Pricing General Partner and Limited Partner Options in Limited Partnership Venture Capital and Private Equity Investment Funds - a working paper which develops an analytical model for venture capital and private equity investment funds’ valuation and performance.

Valuing the Private Investment Portfolio of Publicly Held Companies:
This track addresses the public market issues that face established public companies (such as commercial banks and technology companies) that possess a large portfolio of venture capital investments.

Best Practices in Technology Transfer and Commercialization
A comparative view of technology transfer practices from research institutions and the challenges of commercializing technology in start-up companies.

Emerging Technologies
This track focuses on emerging technologies including telematics, automotive electronics and intelligent transportation systems, their applications and the associated business models.


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