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Entrepreneurial Resources

Assembled here are some great university links to resources to help you start, grow, and manage the business of your dreams.

Resources for Alumni & Startups

Kresge Library
The Kresge library offers alumni support and access to databases as well as an entrepreneurial studies page of resource links to databases for students. There are a number of databases that can be accessed by alumni as well as students to assist with research. The librarians can work as your primary contact for the entire Michigan library system including Law, Medical, Engineering, Public Health, and will make introductions to other resources when appropriate.

Office of Career Development
The Office of Career Development coordinates recruiting and career placement activities for Ross School of Business graduates - leaders with the integrated skills and knowledge to make exceptional contributions in a demanding business environment.

Collect interest and build an audience before you launch.

Start a Business in Michigan
This guide provides step-by-step paperwork, filing fees, and processing times to start your business.

SurveyMonkey Create surveys and distribute to SurveyMonkey's database.

University of Michigan

Center for Entrepreneurship
The Center for Entrepreneurship is a space where faculty, students and staff can find the resources, expertise and environment that empower and inspire them to transform innovative ideas into rewarding ventures which have value for individuals, society and the business community.

Entrepreneur and Venture Club
The Entrepreneur and Venture Club is comprised of both undergraduate and graduate University of Michigan Business School students that are dedicated to furthering their educational and professional goals as prospective entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. Club facilitated workshops, training sessions, and guest speakers provide members with the tools and insight necessary for bringing new ideas to fruition and taking ownership in their development. Entrepalooza kicks off the academic year, offering EVC members outstanding networking opportunities with potential employers and entrepreneurial alumni.

Fast Forward Medical Innovation
The Strategic Research Initiative is “fast forwarding” medical innovation at the University of Michigan Health System, nurturing commercialization and entrepreneurship with the ultimate goal of getting more products to market sooner where they can have a greater impact on patients. Partnering with organizations across campus such as the Office of Technology Transfer, the College of Engineering’s Center for Entrepreneurship, and collaborating schools and colleges, Fast Forward Medical Innovation represents the entire Medical School and Health System research enterprise, providing focus for commercialization efforts and reaching across campus and beyond to bring potential collaborators to the table. FFMI also offers funding for preliminary studies and other development activities through the Michigan Translational Research and Commercialization for Life Sciences (MTRAC) program when work is done in collaboration with a medical school affiliated PI. MTRAC recently announced it's Kickstart Awards, offering over $25K in funding for prelimnary studies or development activities such as animal testing, prototype development or drug-candidate screening.

High Tech Club
The High Tech Club is the catalyst to provide MBAs with a forum to develop the necessary skills to succeed in the high-tech industry. The scope of the Club is broad and includes internet, hardware, telecommunications, and software, as well as the functional areas like strategic planning, business development, marketing, and finance. Through such events as the West Coast Forum, DELL Case Competition, and FuturTech Forum, the Club provides members and recruiters with an opportunity to interact and discuss the technologies and industries that are changing the rules of business.

MPowered Entrepreneurship Club
The College of Engineering-based MPowered membership is comprised of both undergraduate and graduate students from a variety of Schools and disciplines at the University including Business, Law, Medicine, Economics, Humanities, Science, Architecture, Information, and the Arts. The club hosts events including a fall Entrepreneurial Job Fair which showcases high-tech, high-growth start-up companies and businesses.

Office of Technology Transfer
U-M Tech Transfer is the University organization responsible for the transfer of University technology to the marketplace, and offers a full set of services to ensure effective technology transfer. The organization consists of a central Office of Technology Transfer and two satellite offices in the Medical School and the College of Engineering. All three offices work closely together to provide responsive, professional service to their inventors and industry partners.

University of Michigan Innovation Economy
The site highlights the University's economic development and tech transfer activities and entrepreneurial ventures among faculty giving potential business partners a robust source of information about university resources including the U-M Business Engagement Center. The site also provides news releases and media coverage about the university's economic development initiatives, and provides resources in the form of links to annual reports, publications, research institutes, and economic development organizations.

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