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Student and Alumni Start-Up Companies

These business innovators are a sampling of former Ross School of Business students who launched their own firms while earning their degrees.

Freeland Briese by Robert Briese (MBA '12), Co-founder and Partner
Freeland Briese, LLC is a Minneapolis-based private investment bank providing mergers and acquisitions advisory services to middle market food, manufacturing and business services companies. We have built a proven and successful platform that combines deep industry knowledge, expertise and straightforward, thoughtful advice. We pride ourselves on providing best-in-class service in a number of subsectors including: baked goods & snack foods, meat & protein processing, engineered products, specialty consulting and software.

Roomations by Katie Miller (MBA/MArch '10), Lakshmi Bhargave (MBA '09), and Jessica Goldberg (MBA '09) is the interactive web tool for home improvement, which equips homeowners with step-by-step guidance to visualize their space and achieve their remodeling goals.

Shepherd Intelligent Systems by Adrian Fortino (MBA '10) and Jahan Khanna (MSE CSE '11)
Shepherd Intelligent Systems, LLC (SIS) provides fleet management services utilizing proprietary software tools.  Real-time vehicle information (location and time of arrival prediction) is delivered directly to the passengers and fleet managers via a computer or mobile phone.  These tools are used to improve fleet operational efficiency and empower transit riders to use their time more effectively.

Army Property by Sherman Powell (MBA '09)
Army Property is an online inventory management system for members of the military.

Audiallo by Aaron Nelson (MBA '09)
Audiallo is a Fabless IC analog semiconductor manufacturer bringing ultra low power analog processing to the audio space.

Hitchsters by Jason Lin (MBA '09)
Hitchsters is a website that connects travelers going to/from major airports so that they can share a cab, and split the fare.

RealKidz, Merrill Guerra (MBA '08)
Provides a complete line of clothing to plus-sized children aged 5-12 and an online social network to help these children and their families incorporate healthy lifestyle choices into their daily routines.

ADI Thermal Power (ATP) Corporation
by George Weinmann, CEO and Anant Kumar (MBAs '04)
ADI Thermal Power has developed an advanced power generation system that is a major improvement in efficiency and cost over competing fuel cell, turbine, and diesel technology. The system is based on proprietary "dual shell" Stirling engine technology. ATP has patented technology that makes Stirling Engines super efficient as well as buildable at a fraction of today's current costs.

Arcanum Medical Systems by Sreeram Veeragandham (MBA '04)
Arcanum has developed a non-invasive glucose-monitor to replace the current invasive blood testing process for diabetics. This technology will increase accuracy, reduce pain and lower the cost of blood testing.

Asite Apartments by Chris Ongena (MBA '04)
Asite Apartments seeks to become a dominant real estate firm serving the young professional residential market niche.

Assay by Dave Purcell (MBA '04)
Assay is pursuing the creation of a SmartShelf, a retail shelving system aimed at solving common promotional and in-store sampling challenges.

B.A. Maze, Inc. by Robert G. Mazur, CEO (MBA '03)
B.A. Maze, Inc. specializes in low-cost, low-technology products for the aging population. PurrFect Opener, B.A. Maze, Inc.'s first product, assists in the opening of medicine containers. His products are featured at Marking with Molli and a recent interview with The Detroit News showcases his success.

BountyJobs by Jeremy Lappin (BBA '01) and Ron Elitzur (MBA '01)
BountyJobs is a web marketplace where employers offer bounties to professional recruiters for delivering successful placements.

Bubble Island by David Lin (Mechanical Engineering)
Bubble Island is a campus cafe selling bubble tea - a mixture of cold tea and tapioca balls consumed through a giant straw. It also offers ice cream balls, shaved ice, and fried food.

Caliente Grille by Carlos Collier and Jeremy Sutton (Evening MBAs)
Caliente Grille, a Mexican fast-casual restaurant with an aggressive growth plan, opened its first restaurant in Dearborn, Michigan in summer 2004. The restaurant offers a food assembly line where customers can watch their orders being handcrafted by “Burrito Builders ™" and a fresh salsa bar.

China Product Arbitration Group, LLP by David O'Dell, CEO (MBA '04)
China Product Arbitration Group is a consulting firm specializing in shifting production of manufactured goods from the United States to China. As experts on the value chair from China to the United States, they offer value added services to companies looking to decrease their costs and increase profits.

Check My Campus by Evan Steinberg (BBA '06)
Check My Campus i a service offering candid online videos created by college students that detail how they really feel about their experiences at their schools, both the good and the bad.

Developing Power by Scott Baron, CEO (MBA '04)
Developing Power focuses on the implementation of hybrid renewable energy mini-grid systems and micro enterprise capacity building in rural villages of developing countries.

European Professional Services by Irena Stoeva (MBA '04)
European Professional Services is focusing efforts on bringing qualified professionals to the United States to work in industries with a shortage of U.S. workers such as health care.

Elevate Learning by Shaily Baranwal and Suhas Guhge (MBA '07)
Elevate Learning is a comprehensive, result-oriented, and research-based one-to-one online tutoring program designed to help currently struggling students and bridge the achievement gaps in schools. by Josh Meron (MBA '99) is a user-friendly website for active people. It offers articles on camping, skills, health in the wilderness, necessary gear, suggested locations and parks, activities in your area, and other outdoor groups. It even has a message board to learn about people's personal experiences with various trails and equipment!

Gregory Professional Sports Management by Matthew Gregory, (MBA '06)
Gregory Professional Sports Management brings unique branding, sales and hospitality opportunities to its clients and is focused on delivering phenomenal returns on investment for companies that seek to enhance their global sales initiatives. GPSM leverages The Volvo Ocean Race, with audience of 2 billion people, to accomplish this initiative.

Group 90 by Jeffrey G. Wilkins (MBA '03)
Group 90 is a diversified real estate development and construction company that focuses upon multi-family, office, and retail acquisition and development opportunities throughout the Midwest and Southeast.

iceBerg Toys, LLC by Josh Berg, President (BBA '05)
iceBerg Toys designs, markets and distributes a line of unique, collectible plush animals under the name of Passenger Pals. The Pals can be attached to a child's seatbelt through the use of built in velcro straps on the back of each animal. Since the inception of iceBerg Toys in fall 2002, Passenger Pals have been promoted by Radio Disney stations and were introduced for national distribution at the 2004 American International Toy Fair.

iHome Electronics by Benjamin Lewis (MBA '05)
The iHome solution offers an integrated media system, unified messaging system, and a home automation system all controlled by a central computer located in the home. In addition to making your home a wireless “smart house,” iHome will save people time, increase home security, and make lives better by making homes more convenient.

Incept BioSystems by Michael Crowley (COO) and Douglas Covert (MBA '05)
Incept BioSystems creates innovative microscale and nanoscale technology to give cell biologists the means to gather data about cell growth and behavior by improving in vitro manipulation, performance, and viability of high-value cells.

Intelligun by Chris Evans, CEO and Tim Tillman (MBAs '04)
Intelligun is a storage unit for firearms that locks internally by using a fingerprint scan. Because unauthorized users can't access the contents, children and criminals are prevented from finding the gun and using it to harm themselves or others.

J. Chocolatier by James Green (MBA '04)
J. Chocolatier creates premium chocolate that focus on classic hand-crafted candy-making techniques.

Kid Car NY by Topher McGibbon (MBA '06)
Kid Car NY provides safe, comfortable, and convenient transportation to children and their parents throughout Manhattan by providing specially trained drivers in kid-friendly, luxury minivans with professionally-installed child safety seats.

The League by Chris Evans, CEO and Tim Tillman (MBAs '04)
The League is a sports bar with a Negro League Baseball Theme. It is being established to provide an underserved entertainment segment in Prince George's County, Maryland - an approximately 65% black suburb of Washington D.C - with much needed dining options.

Lightkeeper Films by Tom Anstead, President & Founder (Evening MBA '04)
Lightkeeper Films seeks to break down film distribution barriers often met by independent filmmakers and film students. The on-demand DVD publishing company will provide this niche market with a cost effective way to distribute their product.

Lijit by Jake Braly and Jason Godley (MBAs '06)
Outfoxed, now known as Lijit, is a plug-in for Firefox or Internet Explorer that shuffles through search options to display results that your social network has rated as "good," "dangerous," or "bad."

Mindblue Productions by Paul Baldoni (BBA '06) and Tim Fagan (BA '01)
Mindblue Productions creatively uses pop culture to teach middle school and high school students. Each study guide merges an academic topic with relevant music, film, comics, or other forms of artistic expression. Students are encouraged to apply what they learn in the classroom to how it affects the world around them.

Mindscape Strategies by Carlos Collier (Evening MBA)
Mindscape seeks to provide test-taking strategies and fundamental academic reinforcement to urban grade school and high school students.

Mobius Microsystems by Wade Rushing and Jeffrey Wilkins, (MBA '03)
Mobius seeks to commercialize and market several new patent-pending, mixed signal technologies that enable a next generation of silicon products to deliver high-performance, low-noise, mixed-signal solutions.

Music Distribution by Rajeev Ved, CEO and Alexis Lubensky (MBA '04)
Music Distribution is being created to develop a system of distribution for individual songs over the internet through the building of a trustworthy distribution system, formulation of a new business model, and strategic partnerships.

Native Solutions by Jerry Kuo, CEO; Sami Fogul, and Chuck Fuller (MBAs '04)
Native Solutions is centered on providing a unique, high quality organic fertilizer derived from fish waste and lime. This organic agricultural product comes from a Native American practice of combining fish and lime to their gardens. The product development, conducted by Dr. Shiou Kuo, was in part funded by the U.S. Marine Fisheries Department.

NetMentors.Org by James Green, Executive Director; Neerav Shah, Todd Markson, William Lewallen (MBAs '04), and Emily Collings (MBA '05)
NetMentors.Org improves the lives of youth by providing career-development eMentoring with the support of caring, experienced professionals. NetMentors.Org has become a national leader in eMentoring since its 1999 founding, now connecting more than 1,800 mentors and teens nationwide to explore over 70 careers.

NextServices by Praveen Suthrum, Satish Malnaik (MBA '04), and Samir Deshpande (MBA '05)
NextServices offers health care solutions that improve administrative tasks and ensure compliance with regulations mandates through customized technology solutions.

One View Inc. by Arvind Ramnani, CEO (MBA '04)
One View Inc. provides an information technology solution for credit unions and banks. The solution integrates all existing IT systems resulting in increased employee effectiveness and better decision-making.

outdoor DIVAS by Michael Callas (MBA '02)
outdoor DIVAS devotes its entire energy toward finding the best outdoor products, gear, and apparel designed exclusively for women. This store also hosts women-only classes and events for women to discover new outdoor challenges and activities.

Pixel Velocity by Heather Brzoznowski, Manager of Human Resources and Administration (MBA '04)
Pixel Velocity aims to use smart video technology and thereby revolutionize the accuracy and efficiency of processing video data. The first application is in the burgeoning security markets.

Purple Tango Media & Entertainment Group by Sunil Thakur, CEO (MBA '04)
Purple Tango Media & Entertainment Group seeks to provide high-quality local news, community update, and entertainment to ethnic communities across the USA.

QUALMOD, LLC by Rajeev Jain (MBA '07)
QUALMOD, LLC provides consulting and research for business's with environmental issues by using mathematical modeling techniques.

The Real Retro by Pat Ford, Andrew, Lloyd, Rohan Ma (BA '06), David Miller (BS '07), Gregory Sherman, and Evan Steinberg (BBA '06)
TheRealRetro provides t-shirts for consumers that want to express an appreciation for academic and historical heroes.

Risk Reps, LLC by Rodney Emerson, CEO, Jose Arredondo, Malik King, Jed Taylor, and Vadim Tsysin (MBA '04)
Risk Reps, LLC helps people in the entertainment and sports industries manage their newfound wealth to protect them from from unscrupulous financial advisors.

Roger, Inc. by John Gary (MBA '04)
Roger, Inc. plans to be the premier supplier of fitness software solutions.

RPM Ventures by Marc Weiser
RPM Ventures is an early stage venture fund that primarily invests in Midwest Fortune 500 manufacturers and technology startups developed in a premier midwest research center.

Spirit Shop, Inc. by Todd Sullivan and Ben Lewis CEO (MBA '05)
Spirit Shop is a custom apparel and merchandise vendor selling personalized, made-to-order products to K-12 schools via co-branded websites. by Adam Linkner (BBA '04) seeks to provide college students with free and easy access to restaurant discounts, phone numbers, and menus. Visit their site implemented at the University of Michigan campus,

Valerie's Crepes by Scott Sappenfield, Eric Yang, Eric Ariyoshi, Richard Baudin, Yves De-Parseval, and Sung Jo (MBA '03)
Valerie's Crepes is the icon in the U.S. made-to-order gourmet crepes business. Available ready-to-eat or through catering.

Venture Artisans by James Green (MBA '04)
Venture Artisans counsels hopeful entrepreneurs in the planning, launch, and management of their new ventures through helping to prepare business plans, marketing plans, and investor presentations with the help of a network of other professionals.

Wolverine Real Estate by Matthew Tucker, CEO (MBA '04)
Create a real estate investment and development corporation committed to improving and restoring urban and university properties in Southeastern Michigan in order to provide high quality, high value residential housing.

Xoran by Alex Virgilio and Mark Wenger (MBA '02) and Manish Singhal (MBA '04)
Xoran Technologies offers a miniaturized alternative to current CAT scan technology that allows scanning technology benefits to be available on demand in doctor and dentist offices instead of specialized labs and clinics.

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