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The Zell Lurie Institute scholarship program was established in 2003. Eligible MBA students will have achieved a meritorious GPA and will have demonstrated exemplary academic standing, strong entrepreneurial knowledge and interests, and engagement with courses, programs, and leadership at the University of Michigan. Student scholarships are available for returning MBA students (or evening MBA students with at least 30 completed credits). The scholarships are worth a maximum of $5,000 toward second-year tuition and fees. The scholarship may impact financial aid awards and the Ross Financial Aid Office should be contacted for details.

The applicaiton process is announced each Summer. The deadline for applying for the 2013/2014 scholarships was August 1, 2013. Recipients will be announced at the annual fall Entrepalooza symposium on September 20 and all scholarship recipients are invited to attend the Institute advisory board meeting on September 12 where they will be introduced to the board.

2013 Scholarship Recipients

Zell Scholars
Kartik Bandhuvula, MBA '14; Christopher Doughty, MBA '14; Raymond Gallagher, MBA '14; Jennifer Hsu, MBA '14; Ashish Kumar, MBA '14; Joanna Lai, MBA '14; Matthew Liberatore, MBA '14; Thomas Polzin, MBA '14; Mark Shubitz, MBA '14; Ryan Shuman, MBA '14; Brandon Tirrell, MBA '14

Mitchell A. Mondry Scholars
Nancy Gephart, MBA/MS '13; Paul Robichaux, MBA '14

Zell Institute & Erb Institute Scholars
Wesley Allred, MBA/MS '14; Adam Byrnes, MBA/MS '14


2013 Award Recipients

BBA, MBA and Cause-Based Entrepreneurial Awards

Each year these awards are made possible through the generosity of Ron (BBA '66) and Eileen Weiser (MM '75). Individuals are selected winter term based on achievements in entreprenreuship and academic excellence.

MBA Entrepreneur of the Year - $500 each
Grant Hughes, MBA'13; Cameron Smith, MBA/MS'13

BBA Entrepreneur of the Year
- $350 each
Daniel Morse, BBA'13; Alexander Gatof, BBA'13; Samantha Hirsh, BBA'13

Cause-Based Entrepreneur of the Year - $1,000
Daniel Morse, BBA'13

Valenti Awards for Exceptional Entrepreneurial Development - $2,500 each
Students are recognized for their development of entrepreneurial skills through continued engagement with the Institute and related entrepreneurial resources.
Maren Bean, MBA'13; Ryan Fukushima, MBA'13

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