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Marcel Gani Internship Program

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The Marcel Gani Internship program helps start-up companies and venture capital firms hire Ross School of Business students for a 12-week hands-on work experience. This program gives students the opportunity to develop their entrepreneurial skills by accelerating the advancement of the host company. The student-initiated and self-hosted internships offer the opportunity for students to find a host company at which they wish to intern or to work on moving forward their own start-up over the summer.

Host companies benefit from the knowledge and expertise of a Ross student. Interns are an excellent resource for leading essential projects for a start-up company to reach the next stage in their business development. Within a venture capital firm, student interns add immediate value by performing due diligence and researching investment strategies in new markets.

Are you a startup company or venture capital firm interested in hosting a UM Ross BBA or MBA intern? Learn more here about the Marcel Gani Internship program.

2016 Participating Marcel Gani Internship Host Companies  
Altality, Ann Arbor, MI  
Arborlight, Inc., Ann Arbor, MI             

Arboretum Ventures, Ann Arbor, MI

Century Partners, Detroit, MI  
Frog, Austin, TX  
Detroit Venture Partners, Detroit, MI  
Grove (formerly ePantry), San Francisco, CA  
Gemphire Therapeutics, Plymouth, MI  
Jumpstart Foundry, Nashville, TN  
MC3 Cardiopulmonary, Dexter, MI  
Mission Throttle, Southfield, MI  
Neurable, Ann Arbor, MI  
Michigan Venture Capital Association, Ann Arbor, MI  
TechStart at the U-M Office of Tech Transfer, Ann Arbor, MI  
Shared-X, Lima, Peru  
Sonation, Boston, MA  
SPLT, Detroit, MI  
Unilytics, Ann Arbor, MI  
Unitus Impact, San Francisco, CA  
Woodside Distributors, Beachwood, OH  



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