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Marcel Gani Internship Program - Self-Hosted Internship

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A limited number of Self-Hosted Internship opportunities allow Ross students to spend the summer executing their own business plans. Student founders are encouraged to apply for this opportunity if they have a complete business plan and have not received outside equity financing. Participants in the Michigan Business Challenge and the Dare to Dream Grant Program are permitted and encouraged to apply; however, students may apply regardless of their involvement with these programs.

Students who apply for a Self-Hosted Internship must be enrolled at the Ross School of Business and must be in good academic standing. Compensation is limited to $7,200 for one individual, though the entire team is encouraged to help develop the business during the summer. The student may not work for another employer for the duration of the summer. Students must plan to launch in southeast Michigan to be granted a Self-Hosted Internship so that proper guidance and counseling can be provided.

Student Application Process:

    1. Complete this internship application and attach a one-page resume

    2. Complete business plan of 20 pages with up to 10 pages of appendices, one inch margins, single spaced, and no smaller than 11-point font.

    3. Create a one-page summary of the goals of the internship.

    4. Submit all of this to with "Self-Hosted Internship [company name]" in the subject line. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis but those received by March 19 will have a much higher likelihood of being funded.


  1. Weekly meeting: Interns will meet with an assigned staff mentor at the Zell Lurie Institute to discuss the progress and roadblocks of launching the business.

  2. Thank You Letter: Each intern is assigned to a specific Institute donor who provided funding for the Marcel Gani program. In the middle of the summer, the intern will write a thank you letter to the designated supporter.

  3. Final Summary: A week after the internship ends, the intern will submit a five-page essay explaining what tasks were accomplished throughout the summer and the current status of the business.

For further information, contact

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