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Dare to Dream Grants & Mayleben Venture Shaping Grants

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Award History

Winter 2015

Venture Shaping - $500 per team

Ballot - A mobile platform bridging the gap between people and politics by providing individuals information on relevant bills, the ability to voice their opinion to the representative, and a method to match themselves with their ideal candidate. Ritwik Biswas (CSE '18), Carson Covell (CSE '17), Muhammad Mazhari (BA '18), Lawrence Yong (BS '15)

The Broke App - The Broke App provides timely, relevant, relatable, and understandable financial information when you need it and teaches and encourages good financial habits. Christina Czuhajewski (MSI '16), Michelle Fiesta (MSI '15), Prashant Iyer (MSI '16), Kristen Sheppard (MSI '16), Jackie Wolf (MSI '16)

Change of Mind - A mobile, digital toolkit that empowers patients suffering from anxiety by integrating efficient coping mechanisms into their daily lives, allowing them to be self-reliant and manage their symptoms. Dania Abdhulhamid (CSE '18), Erik Forkin (LSA '18), Lamees Mekkaoui (CSE '17)

Clairvoyage - A dongle for a car that can stream both vehicle performance information as well as data from other connected vehicles and infrastructure to a proprietary, cloud-based analytics platform for data mining. James Fishelson (PhD '17), John Scrudato (JD/MBA '16)

Culinary Theater - Culinary Theater seeks to provide restaurants with a system that allows the customers to see their food being prepared while they wait for it to be served to them, either via live-streaming or pre-recorded videos. Brian Feng (BBA '15), Briana Feng (BBA '18)

HiveLend - HiveLend seeks to change the pollination services industry through the creation of a transparent and efficient online marketplace. Christopher Shepherd (BA '17), Nicholas Zajciw (BA '17)

LessonReel - LessonReel sells high quality, K-12 lesson materials and videos developed by top teachers for use by fellow teachers. Ameesh Dave (MBA '16), Sachiv Shah (MBA '16), Gautam Thapar (MBA '16), Srikanth Thiyagarajan (MBA '16)

Nomsy - Nomsy is a peer-to-peer food delivery and diet tracking mobile application that yearns to make nutritional tracking and healthy food shopping an instantaneous and on-demand experience. Jacob Durrah (BS '16), Robert Greenfield (BSE '15), Evan Leung (BSE '15), Julian Turley (BA '16)

RealTime - RealTime is a live-­stream photo-­sharing app that serves as a platform for students and community members to become more involved with events in the University of Michigan and the Ann Arbor area. Shreya Arora (BA '17), Brady Mathieson (CSE '18), Sonia Shekar (BBA '17)

Poyais Development - A web development company marketed to startups that contracts out work to student developers. Joshua Boike (BBA '17)

Stethos - Stethos provides a modern approach to digitizing timeless mechanical medical tools. Courtland Keteyian (MD '11), Andrew Plaska (MD '17)

You Never Know - Location-based social networking application. Brendan Driscoll (CSE '15), Siddharth Soni (MSI '15)

Assessment Grants - $1,500 per team

Allergenesis - Application that allows individuals to create a profile with their specific food allergies and/or intolerances, filter fast-food menus by ingredients, and locate fast-food restaurants near them. Eric Lally (MBA '15)

Boldr - A platform that allows retail businesses to promote day-to-day events and understand the ROI for their online marketing through metrics on foot traffic. Thomas Kramer (BA '16), Deepak Kumar (CSE '16), Prateek Sachdeva (CSE '15)

EasyIV - A device that prevents IV lines from tangling. Alex Pulst-Korenberg (MD/MBA '15)

Fluttrr - A platform that helps urban Indian youth find a match for the purpose of serious dating, possibly leading to a marriage. Umang Goyal (MBA '15)

Graduate - A platform for students and parents that tracks students' progress towards high school graduation. Eric Katz (BBA '17), Camille Merritt (MBA '16), Carly Schaer (MBA/MA '16)

GroupShell - GroupShell is a Google-integrated digital platform where students can login with their umich id and collaborate with other students on a single-page user interface. Siddhart Tekriwal (MsE '15), Hao Xu (MsE '15)

New Aegis - A non-newtonian fluid and foam composite for football helmets that reduces acceleration forces by 30% and substantially reduces the resulting shockwave when compared to traditional foam. Ariana Bruno (BSE '15), Paul Bruno (PhD '15)

Stethos - Stethos provides a modern approach to digitizing timeless mechanical medical tools. Courtland Keteyian (MD '11), Andrew Plaska (MD '17)

Integration Grants- $5,000 per team

Augmented Technologies - Training suit for emergency scenarios. Alex Angerer (BBA '17), Kaywee Lian (BSE '17)

BetterHope - An online marketplace for products made with dignity. Marianna Kerppola (MBA/MS '16)

Housewife - Housewife, LLC is an online, “sharing economy” marketplace connecting expert housewives with busy families for a la carte domestic services. Christopher Shaffner (EMBA '15)

Incearch - A referral-based recruiting platform. Nishan Bose (MSI '16), Michael Collins (MSI '16)

Fall 2014
Venture Shaping - $500 per team

CookForMe - an online marketplace that connects cooks in a local community with customers who want the convenience of food cooked in their homes without compromising on nutritional needs and their health. Masa Kaneko (MBA '15), Susan Dancy Syriac (MBA '15), Salma Umme (MBA '15)

Legacy Peak Capital - utilizing Medicare, health system, and payor claims data, provides full transparency into the cost and quality of Post-Acute Care providers by disease state and provide relative rankings. Cory Blomquist (MBA/MHSA '15)

Eat Food - a platform that makes it easy to plan, buy, and track our food consumption. Vimal Agarwal (PTMBA '16)

EnergyHarvesting - a device that harvests the kinetic energy created by eye movements and provides this energy to implanted ophthalmic medical devices. Siddharth Tekriwal (MsE '15), Hao Xu (MsE '15)

Allergenesis - application that allows individuals to create a profile with their specific food allergies and/or intolerances, filter fast-food menus by ingredients, and locate fast-food restaurants near them. Eric Lally (MBA '15)

FindMyHome - aims to be the "eHarmony for Home Search.” Terence Cho (MBA '16), Sravan Vankina (MBA '16), Hang Zhang (MBA '16)

Augmented Technologies - a training suit for emergency scenarios. Alex Angerer (BBA '17), Kaywee Lian (BSE '17)

Graduate - a platform for students and parents that tracks students' progress towards high school graduation. Camille Merritt (MBA '16)

Incearch - a referral-based recruiting platform. Nishan Bose (MSI '16), Michael Collins (MSI '16)
Local Products Discovery - a database of Chinese local snacks and commodities. Chengyu Dai (PhD '19), Quan Yuan (MsE '15)

Local Seeds - links investors, innovators, and retailers through a "Hub", a centralized point for communication and negotiation that would create a new entrepreneurial and investment landscape. Diana Callaghan (MBA '16), Matthew Parin (MBA '16)

New Aegis Corporation - a non-newtonian fluid and foam composite for football helmets that reduces acceleration forces by 30 percent and substantially reduces the resulting shockwave. Arian Bruno (BSE '15), Paul Bruno (PhD '15)

SmartPlays - a technology-based, easy-to-use video recording and gameplay-analyzing tool for football coaches. Ashwin Sathe (MBA '16), Steve Worthy (MBA '16)

Stiily - a patent-pending technology that substitutes real fashion models with their virtual dummies and allows endless possibilities to mix and match different articles of clothes and accessories. Roman Sobachevskiy (MBA '15)

VeriMAb Diagnostics - a portable point of care testing device that provides rapid feedback for potential allergies. Harsha Ramaraju (PhD '15), Janani Ramaswamy (PhD '15)

Woila - a platform that helps urban Indian youth find a match for the purpose of serious dating, possibly leading to a marriage. Umang Goyal (MBA '15)

Yes Now! - a location-based search that uses the current location of the buyer to search for items and connect with sellers in the neighborhood. Ashwinkumar Gopalrathnam (MBA '16), Franklin Mora (MBA '16), Joe Price (MBA '16)

Assessment Grants - $1,500 per team - an online website platform that automates data scientist operations by using machine learning to understand what data scientists are looking for in every new dataset. Drew Leahy (LSA '15), Ananda Narayan (PhD '17)

BetterHope - an online marketplace for products made with dignity. Marianna Kerppola (MBA/MS '16)

Incearch - a referral-based recruiting platform. Nishan Bose (MSI '16), Michael Collins (MSI '16)

Pet Perch - solves a fundamental problem faced by pet owners who co-sleep with their furry companions by offering a product that secures to the bed and allows the pets a space of their own. Ryan Goy (MBA '16)

Range Messenger - offers hyper-local, real time deals and messages using our patented “Digital Sonar” within a user defined distance to drive retail business or for individual use. Tom Zidar (BBA '16)

Integration Grants- $5,000 per team

South Asian Flavors - an exotic food company offering premium healthy, savory yogurt-based snacking dips in a variety of South Asian flavors, made with natural ingredients. Harinee Samptah (MBA '15) Winter 2014
Venture Shaping - $500 per team

Bee Tagged - An app that allows users to tag connections from their social networks with a system that allows them to organize and mine their networks in more useful ways, Diego Cepeda (MBA ’14), Dom Parise (CSE ’15)

e-Arg - An innovative, detachable electronic hookah head that can be used to replace the tobacco burning portion of the traditional hookah, reintroducing the popular social activity of smoking a hookah in an ethnic restaurant, Reda Jaber (MD/MBA ’14), Nikita Jaber (BS ‘12)

Elegus Technologies - A new battery separator that improves the performance of lithium ion batteries, John Hennessy (MsE ‘14), Long Qian (MsE ’14), Daniel Vander Ley (MsE ’14)

Fixworthy - Image-based computerized maintenance management system that allows users to upload photographs of their issues and responders to quickly find the problem through a built in GPS feature, Colleen Sain (BS ‘14), Daniel Agar (BBA ‘14)

Lifted Snacks - Mobile app that allows travelers to search for dining options in airports and place a meal order that is delivered to their gate prior to boarding, Jilly Badanes (MBA ‘14)

Raita - Company that manufactures and sells savory Indian yogurts that are both healthy and satisfying, Harinee Sampath (MBA ‘15), Santiago Proano (MBA ’14), Dante Vasquez (MBA ‘14), Lukas Strickland (MS ’14), Vlad Golgotiu (MD/MBA ’14)

Turba Health - Web interface that allows patients suffering from asthma to obtain a diagnosis and monitor their condition remotely, Greg Currence (MsE ‘14), Shirish Garg (MsE ’14), Weitang Zhuang (MsE ’14), Elisa Gunawan (MsE ’14), Michael Vizachero (MD/MBA ’14)

Turnip - A mobile app that allows users to seamlessly plan get-togethers and stay on top of their friend’s locations, Ryan Embree (LSA ‘16), Alex O’Brien (BBA ’16), Daniel Pyatetsky (BBA ’16), Alex Beam (BBA ’16)

YouKnowWatt - A web application that is accessed by home energy auditors and homeowners that will give homeowners energy efficiency tips and allow the auditor to communicate directly with them, Jared Helfman (BBA ‘15), Steven Sherman (MsE ‘13), Jack Dean (BBA ’10), Kolin Purcell (CSE ’15), Jeff Hurray (BBA/CSE ’16)

Assessment Grants - $1,500 per team

Keravnos Energy - Installing heavy duty battery storage units into commercial buildings to provide fast charging services to EV drivers and simultaneously reduce the building's utility costs, Dimitris Assanis (PhD ‘15), Johannes Kristinsson (MBA ‘15), Rupert Tull de Salis (MSEE ’14)

Nodify - Platform that allows users to rank or prioritize their contacts in order of importance and suggests the best ways to interact with those people, Jimmy Ward (MBA/MS ‘14), Adam Byrnes (MBA/MS ‘14), Sam Stevenson (MBA/MS ‘14)

Integration Grants- $2,500 per team

MyDermPortal - A web based app that allows dermatologists to provide follow-up treatment via the internet for the most common diagnoses in significantly less time than an in person visit,  Paul Robichaux (MBA/MPH ‘14), Venessa Pena-Robichaux

Integration Grants- $5,000 per team

Flipsi - A reusable drinking bottle that flips completely inside out to facilitate easier cleaning, Jeff Plott (MSE Dec. ‘13), Chris Plott (MSE 2003)

Movellus Circuits - Revolutionary designs for embedded processors that make them scalable, portable, cheaper and smaller, Muhammad Faisal (PhD ’14), Daniel Andersen (MBA ’14)

Fall 2013
Venture Shaping Grants - $500 per team

AuDaaSity l - A service seeking to virtualize and replace the personal computer through true 'cloud computing.' Jeffrey Siegel (MBA '14), Joseph Evans (MBA '14), Michael Wagner (MBA '14)

Built LLC* - Developing lightweight, energy efficient composite panels that reduce the energy use of a structure and simultaneously allow for onsite construction and design flexibility, facilitating an expedited building timeline. Adam Bennett (MBA '14), Shubhi Choudhary (MSE Dec 2013), Sundeep Ramachandran (MSE Dec '13), Jose Solis (MBA/MS '14)

ChargeMyCarNow* - Installing heavy duty power electronics and battery storage units into large commercial buildings that will provide now scarce fast charging services to EV drivers while simultaneously reducing the utility costs for the buildings, making the entire system more attractive and profitable. Rupert Tull de Salis (MSEE '14)

CtrlF Life - A real-time tracking mechanism that allows users to locate lost items on a virtual map of their home. Vijairam Parasuraman (MSE '14), Balaji Soundararajan (MSE '14), Yanning Li (MBA '14)

Day 14 Health Solutions - An effective ovulation detection ingestible that allows women to take the guesswork out of conception while providing vitamin and mineral supplements. Gabriel Craft (MBA '15)

Disruptive Appnea - Facilitates the creation of high-impact, physician-driven ideas into software utilizing medically literate app developers. Alexandra Pulst-Korenberg (MD/MBA '15), Victor Parchment, Daniel Reiss (MD/PhD '15)

Estia - Short term property management company that matches owners of unoccupied space with short term guests who are seeking a hotel-like experience. Dimitri Akimaru (BSE '14)

eV Score** - Smartphone app that allows potential EV purchasers to assess their travel patterns and evaluate the ability of existing EV models to meet these needs. Hua Cai (PhD '15)

Flipsi - A reusable drinking bottle that flips completely inside out to facilitate easier cleaning. Jeff Plott (MSE Dec '13), Chris Plott (MSE '03), Haritha Doddala

In Control Wear - Shape wear that is not only capable of contouring a woman's body but is also aesthetically pleasing. Shayla Scales (BBA '14)

IndustryStar - Free global web platform that allows businesses to evaluate suppliers using key performance indicators, creating up-to-date, aggregate rankings that all companies can use as a selection tool. William Crane (PTMBA '15), Matt Forster (PTMBA '14), Abhishek Penmetsa (PTMBA '14), Kenneth Nelson

LoopHope* - An ethical apparel online retail site that assists ethical producers in optimizing their supply chains and educates consumers to encourage behavioral changes. Marianna Kerppola (MBA/MS '16)

MicroLeap Technologies - Utilizes energy harvesting technology that uses vibrations and movements as its core energy source to generate usable electricity. Rachit Khator (MsE '14), Apoorva Anand (MsE '14), Long Qian (MsE '14)

MyDermPortal - A web based app that allows dermatologists to provide follow-up treatment via the internet for the most common diagnoses in significantly less time than an in person visit. Paul Robichaux (MBA/MPH '14), Venessa Pena-Robichaux

My Safe Going Out - A taxi driver screening service with a mobile app that allows women in India to choose drivers that have undergone background checks and tracks their route, alerting a private security company if the taxi goes off course. Takuhiro Nakamura (MBA '14)

Network Finance* – A peer to peer lending platform focused on the graduate student market that provides tools, structure and legal security to the lender and borrower. Brian Rassel (MBA/MS '16), Kelsea Ballantyne (MBA/MS '16), John Serron (MBA/MS '16)

Pocket Gripper - Low-cost pocket gripping device that prevents the loss of necessary items, especially in gym shorts. Kevin Moses (BBA '16), Brett Moses

Sheart - Heart monitoring smart shirt that picks up signals of an imminent cardiac arrest and immediately dials 911. Kabir Maiga (MsE '14), Shirish Garg (MsE '14), Liniwei Li (MsE '14), Avesh Sharma (MsE '14)

Tea Pack - An affordable, easy-to-use product that mitigates the messy after effects of using loose leaf teas or tea bags. Matt Seiler (MBA '15)

The Food Chain - A grocery delivery service that allows students in Ann Arbor to place their orders online and have the products at their door within 24 hours. Chaoyi Feng (BBA '15), Xuan Yang

Tools for the Elderly - Tableware that allows people with limited dexterity ease of use while maintaining visual appeal. Brandon Tirrell (MBA '14), Karthik Raman (MBA '14)

VeritaPharm - A system of kiosks that allow pharmacists and consumers to check the authenticity of their prescription drugs via a molecular barcode in each drug. Jeremy Holzwarth (PhD '14), Rahul Singh (PhD '14)

Views180 - A web application that encourages individuals to engage with those who have opposing political viewpoints in an effort to reach a common middle ground. Nickhil Bhave (MBA '15), Daniel Zhou (PhD '14), Julia Kamin (PhD '16)

WhomBatz - Cylindrical bats made out of bouncy foam that will be marketed to tweens at a mid-range price point to encourage physical activity. Lukas Strickland (MS SNRE '14)

Assessment Grants - $1,500 per team

Bar2Bar Transportation** – A mobile app that allows users to schedule and pay for rides on party buses that can accommodate large groups of people. Daniel Matian (BBA '14), Harris Markowitz (LSA '14)

Berry Logistics - Impact detection technology that communicates a products shipping and handling details, specifically if they undergo unwarranted impact or damage. Sean Hsu (MSE '13), Jeffery Zhang (BA '15), Darren Hou (BA '16)

Lab Compass - Web hosted data management software that will allow medical and public health researchers to more efficiently collect, aggregate and manipulate large amounts of data. Alex VanDerKolk (BBA Dec '13), Nikhil Kumar (BSE '14), Max Wolff (BSE '14), Rahul Iyengar (BSE '14), George Zakhem (BSE '14), David Middleton (LSA '15)

Maize Analytics - A privacy auditing tool that uses a novel algorithm to assess access to patient records saving hospitals time by automatically producing rules and explanations, thus reducing the number of flags requiring investigation. Greg Currence (MsE '14), Daniel Fabbri (CSE PhD '13)

Motorsport Microclimate Cooling Technologies - Line of protective motorcycle gear with built in thermoelectric cooling technology that is powered by the motorcycle's electrical system and effective at preventing heat related illness. Zachary Hwang (MsE '14)

SurgeryEdu - Provides personalized patient education solutions to medical professionals via an iPad platform in an effort to better explain common procedures. Tanvi Gangal (BS '15), Raghav Haran (Econ/CS '15)

Integration Grants - $5,000 per team

Cribspot - A comprehensive rental site that helps students find tailored off campus housing options. Jason Okrasinski (BBA '13), Tim Jones (CS '13), Evan Dancer (CS '13), Anthony Sardone (BBA '14), Tyler Belyea (LSA '14), John Corser (BSE '14)

* Funded by the ERB Institute

**Funded by SMART

Winter 2013
Venture Shaping Grants - $500 per team

Accession Capital - Solution to the "Series A crunch" faced by many start-ups that uses crowdfunding to create an avenue for mainstream investors to invest in startup companies alongside established venture capital firm. Joshua Knight (PhD '13)

AngelnPact - Software platform for crowd-sourced impact investing that provides investors or donors with data detailing the social or environmental return on investment. Shane Kelly (MBA '13)

Bander - Web-based platform that aims to bring garage band collaboration online by allowing artists to compose, socialize and listen to music together. David Wise (MBA '14), DJ Jagannathan (Eng '16)

BlueGoGreen - A shower head with an adjustable nozzle that displays water consumption and alerts users to high water usage. Darren Hou (Eng '16), Yanshuo Yang (LSA '16)

Colloidoscope - Provides proof of authenticity and integrity of brand name drugs through printable non-clonable functions combined with tamper evident seals. Mitchell Adler, Justin Moyer and Sumant Pilgaonkar (MsEs '13), Aayush Shah (PhD '13)

DiscoverREAD - A Digital platform accessible across devices that can be used by readers to purchase and view premium magazine content on a per-article basis. Alexander Donics, Daniel Han, Patrick Huang, Michael King (MBAs '13)

E-magine - Addressing the issue of Internet access in off-the-grid locations through the development of a low cost, solar-powered, GSM-Internet-access system that provides fast and reliable mobile-broadband completely independent of grid connectivity. Julie Emra (BA '15), Nick Fredricks (MSE '14), Josie Keenan (BA '13), Rama Mwenesi (BSE '13), Raghav Ramkumar (ME '14)

Emblu - Software algorithm that uses wireless signals to sense occupants in a room and modify energy-using electrical and HVAC system usage accordingly. Cara Bastoni (MS '13), Joe Colett (MSE/MS '13), Tim Dobson (MS '13), Sundeep Ramachandran (MSE/MS '13), Tirumalai Tejas (MSE/MS '13)

Gramofon - Application that seeks to simplify audio sharing by allowing users to record and share short audio clips with a community of friends across multiple social media sites. Ben Chutz (BA '06), Andrew Kaplan (MBA '13), Aland Mond (MS '12), Maurice Williams (CS '06)

Guppie - Career matching service that connects recruiter and job seeker according to skills and interests, creating cost efficient and effective career consulting for the masses. Linda Chen (Macc '13), Megan Chen (BA '15)

Human Data - Personal Emergency Response device that utilizes elderly people's glasses to wirelessly alert emergency personnel, increasing response times and decreasing mortality. Courtland Keteyian and Jinyong Kim (Innovation Fellows '13)

Lab Compass - Collaborative web-based research platform designed to facilitate more efficient collection, analysis, and sharing of research data among collaborators and institutions. Rahul Iyengar (Eng '14), Nikhil Kumar (Eng '14), Alex VanDerKolk (BBA '14), Max Wolff (Eng '14), George Zakhem (Pre-Med '14)

Lune - Utilizes the latest technology in packaging machines to help extend the shelf life of premium baked goods without having to add preservatives. Karim Beydoun (PTMBA '13)

O Vestido - Web site and mobile application that catalogues dresses to minimize asymmetry of information in the Brazilian party dress market. Lucas Caiche Guedes, Breno Megale, Gustavo Modenesi and Marcio Reis (MBAs '13)

*Re Re Housing - Offers housing to the poor that is safe, resilient and cheaper than existing solutions, the ReRe house will be designed for increased mobility so consumers can easily move closer to employment opportunities. Ursula Jessee (MBA/MS '15), Alex Papo (MBA/MS '15)

Transformase - Connecting the Spanish-speaking community in the United States to mental health service providers for insurance-covered online bilingual mental health therapy. Mark Shubitz (MBA '14)

Yumba - Provides small-property owners with multi-platform web-based property management service that can be used by any landlord or property manager to make accepting online payments, updating maintenance requests, and looking for local amenities easy. Lemu Coker (MBA '13)
*Venture Shaping - Erb Institute

Assessment Grants $1,500 per team

- Large scale lease aggregator that provides a database of rental listings specifically for the college student. Evan Dancer (CS '13), Tim Jones (CS '13), Jason Okrasinski (BBA '13), Anthony Sardone (BBA '14), Michael Schmatz (CS '16)

Focus - Digital Personal Trainer integrated into a wrist-worn, watch-like device capable of automatically recording repetitions, sets, rest periods, weights, and exercises or motions performed. Cavan Canavan (MBA '12), Grant Hughes (MBA '13)

Reveneyes - Web-based software platform that gives healthcare providers a single, concise, near real-time view of profitability for each patient visit. David Vanker (MBA '13)

RippleSense - Mobile augmented reality platform that helps tourists explore places through instant information, stories, and memories of others, making the interaction between people and environment more personal and intimate. Suyang Dong (PhD '12), Yang Liu (PhD '10), Lei Wang (MBA '14)

Integration Grants up to $10,000 per team

Kymeira Advanced Materials ($5,000) - Creator of proprietary, new-to-the-world material that offers properties of heat tolerance, hardness and strength, similar to advanced ceramics, but with a fabrication process similar to thermosets. Vincent Alessi (Non-Degree '17), Cameron Smith (MBA/MS '13)

Mariposa Diagnostics ($2,500) - Clinical laboratory services and CRO services focused on transforming the process of diagnosing lupus while accelerating the pace of new therapeutic developments. Jake Armstrong (MBA '14)

Fall 2012

Venture Shaping Grants $500 per team
- A website enabling consumers to make more informed choices about medical tourism. Jason Harri (MBA '13), Cole Johnson (Ph.D. Biology '13), Paul Robichaux (MBA/MPH '14)

A2Cribs - A website for aggregated off-campus Ann Arbor rental property information. Evan Dancer (CS '13), Tim Jones (CS '13), Jason Okrasinski (BBA '13)

Andean Berries - A U.S. import company of berries from Peru during U.S. supply scarcity September-December. Orson Kerrigan, Juan Carlos Loyo, Norberto Montenegro and Alejandro Pirron (MBAs '13)

BendOptic - Creating a slit lamp attachment to enable easier eye examination of the very young, elderly, disabled and obese. Courtland Keteyian (MD/MBA '11) and David Lorch (MSE '03, PhD '09 Biomedical Engineering), Medical Innovation Fellows '13

*Cafe Esperanza - Addressing the lack of resources for creating a sustainable premium coffee industry in Honduras.Stephen Ahn (MBA/MS (Erb) '15)

*ContainEarth - A go-to market solution to address the issue of single-use takeout container waste. Richard Grousset, Raphael Meyer and David Yang (MBA/MSs Erb '13)

Focus Solutions - A combination device and application for physical therapy and training. Cavan Canavan (MBA '12), Grant Hughes (MBA '13)

Heapst - Creating a tool to track product warranties allowing consumers to be notified of any product recalls. Marcin Fracz (PTMBA '14), Filip Fracz (BSE '05)

J-Ro Productions - A company enabling musicians to network, represent and promote their brands globally. Josh Ross (BBA '14)

Juxtaway & Company- A kiosk rental system to allow consumers to enjoy books-on-the-move. James Yin-Chieh Chou (MBA '14)

Manmade - A membership based E-commerce platform targeting young professional men for home delivery of ready-to-cook meals. Patrick Lord (MBA/MS Erb '13), Tyrell Robertson (MBA/MHSA '15), Brandon Tirrell (MBA '14)

Mutable Vaccines - Enabling technology for creating ‘universal’ vaccines that develop broad protective immunity in individuals. Marilia Cascalho (MD 1986, PhD 1998), Arjun Gupta (MsE '13), Jeffrey Platt (MD 1977)

OraGen - An accurate simple test to detect any susceptibility or early existence of oral cancer. Brijesh Dutta (MBA '13), Mahua Ghoshal, Cody Powers (MBA '14), Smita Singh

Oasis - An online trial matching platform to facilitate patient recruitment in China. Gang Su and Jie Sun (PhDs '12)

P2MD Communications - A messaging system to notify patients when a physician will be late. Jinyong Kim (PhD Mechanical Eng '13) and Marius Tijunelis (MD '01, MBA '09), Medical Innovation Fellows '13)

Park-n-Rent - An alternative car rental service utilizing owner’s cars for service while the owner is traveling. Anmeen Leong and Dave Wheeler (MBAs '14) - A platform to join data across healthcare institutions to provide a single profit per visit for every patient encounter. David Vanker (MBA '13)

SISTAH Butters Development of natural hair care products for African American women. Juliet Lawrence (MBA '13), Itanza Lawrence, Elaine Lyles

SMRT Delivery - A patent pending (full-utility) technology which can prevent premature replacement of pipeline infrastructure. David McGrail and Justin Silpe (MSEs '13)

Swadesh Clinics - Mobile health clinics for people in rural areas of India. Rocio Cardenas (MBA '13), Sandhya Kambhampati (MBA/MHSA '13), Vinita Vishwanarayan (MBA '13)

TBD Analytics - Provids a comprehensive management tool for large scale infrastructure projects.
Matt Liberatore (MBA/MENG '14)

UniSprout- A crowd funding website for university alumni to donate to student ideas and ventures. Saam, Aghevli (MBA/MENG '14), Frank Koziara (BBA '14), Jigar Majmundar (BBA '14)

*Wintergreen Stone - Aggregate technology to refine and normalize fly ash in Shanxi. Yanning Li (MBA '14), Julia Ruedig (MBA/MS '15)

Yearney - An online market place enabling small tourist businesses to effectively market to travelers. Udayan Gupt, Ari Leviatan and Nakul Uppal (MBAs '14)

*Venture Shaping - Erb Institute

Assessment Grants $1,500 per team

Dinner With
- An online volunteer and fundraising platform for charities to connect with a broader donor base. Jillian Badanes and Sam Chen (MBAs '14) and Catherine Fish (MSW '13)

Integration Grants up to $10,000 per team

Exo Dynamics
- Creating the next generation of spinal orthoses to improve treatment processes.
Maren Bean (MBA '13), Sam Beckett (BSE ME '12), Jorge Sanz-Guerrero (M Eng) Manufacturing '11), Daniel Johnson (PhD '12), Pat Milligan (Mat Sci Eng '14)

- Offers free photo gallery software for mobile devices to simplify photo management, trading and ordering. Jeff Bargmann (PTMBA '13)

Real Good Food
- A food sharing platform that allows customers to enjoy the best food in their community. Raffi Garabedian (MPP '12), Devin McIntire (MBA/MS Erb '13), Justine Williams (UNC Anthropology)

Torch Hybrid
- A software service provider for marine hybrid-­‐electric powertrain development and energy management. Justin D'Atri (MS Sustainable Systems '12), Nate Henschel (BA Comm & Poli Sci '14), Matt Lankowski (MS Naval Architecture & Manuf. '12), Sid Menon (MS Energy Systems '12), Sammit Nene (BS EE '13), Swapna Potluri (MS EE '13)

Winter 2012
Mayleben Venture Shaping Grants ($500 each team)

AudioCode - addressing an opportunity utilizing smartphone technology. Joe Dertouzos (MBA ’12)

AutoEat -addressing a pain in the restaurant industry. Maya Ben Ari (MBA ’13), Dan Itsara (MBA ’13) - addressing the issue of connecting campus area businesses to student populations. Jordan Eckstein (BBA ’12), Ian Sabbag, Brian Shepanek

Footnotes - addressing an opportunity to improve the impact of events among attendees. Mitch Adler (BSE CSE ’12), Seth Samuels (BBA ’13), Krunal Desai

Google but Vocal
-  addressing the issue of connecting rural Indian populations to information.
Rachna Shukla (MBA ’13)

Ritmosim - investigating opportunity to develop novel solution to spinal orthoses. Jorge Sanz-Guerrero (MME ’11), Dan Johnson (PhD MechE ’12), Maren Bean (MBA ’13), Sam Beckett (BS MechE ’12), Pat Milligan (BS Materials Science Eng '14), Rikav Chauhan (BS Neuroscience '14)

Shutterhub - addressing a pain in the consumer photography market. Jeff Bargmann (MBA ’13)

StudentKit - addressing a need for targeted communication among university student populations
Daniel Hoffman (BA Political Science ’14), Harrison Forman (BA Sports Mgmt ’14), Zach Mandell (BSE IOE ’15)

- addressing a pain in the sports entertainment industry. Josh Smith (MBA/MSI ’13), Andrew Smith (MBA ’12)

YouTrivia - investigating novel approach to online marketing. Ricardo Rodriguez-Laureno (MSE CSE '11), Shamik Ganguly (MSE CSE '12)

Winter 2012 Dare to Dream Assessment Grants ($1,500 each team)

- investigating the feasibility of a business delivering a platform for electric vehicle charging station access. Javier Rivera (MBA/MS ’14), Lawrence Han (MBA/MA ’14)

Thrively - investigating the feasibility of a business establishing online platform for professionals to share feedback. Nick Fassler (MBA/MS ’12), Emily Luke (MSI ’12), Emily Bowman (MSI ’12), Raina Rahbar (MBA/MS ’12)

Torch Hybrid Marine Systems
- investigating the feasibility of a business based on hybrid-electric marine propulsion systems. Matthew Lankowski (MSE NAME, MEng Mfg '12), Michael Daeffler (MSE NAME, MSE ME '12), Justin D'Atri (MS Sustainable Systems '13), Siddharth Menon (MSE Energy Systems Eng '13), Matthew Sexton (MSE NAME, MSE ME '12)

Winter 2012 Dare to Dream Integration Grants

@Fingertips ($10,000 and SPARK Boot Camp Scholarship) - Designing and building devices that enable the blind to use mainstream touchscreen portable computers and smartphones.    
PK Mishra (MBA ’12), Siyang Chen (MFA ’13), Roger Potter (BSE ME ’12), Nick Wilcox

The Beet Box ($5,000) - Providing healthy fast-food options that support and reward a healthy lifestyle. Daniel Morse (BBA ’13), Alexander Perlman (BA ’13), Kay Feker (BA ’13), Kendra Hall (BA ’13), Peter Hans Ward (BA ’13)

Digital Maxim ($2,500) - Providing regional books in eBook format for all popular eReader devices to serve the needs of immigrant populations living in developed countries. Thirumurthi Ranganathan (MBA ’13), Sriram Ramanathan (MBA ’13), Deviprasad Taluk (MBA ’13), Ramalingam Subramaniyam, Manushyaputhiran
Fall 2011 Integration Grants (up to $10,000 each team)

EVo Hair
($2,000) - business to business wholesale hair extension supplier
Ian Grant (BA ’13), Brittney Wright (MAcc ’11), Amber Wright

SecureHealing ($10,000) - cloud-based software company specialized in privacy monitoring and reporting across numerous healthcare software systems
Amit Kulkarni (MBA ’12), Ramya Panchangam (MBA ’12), Jonathan Roelofs (MBA ’12) ($5,000) - provides businesses with Live Chat that better satisfies customer needs, improves internal productivity, and increases brand equity through IM and text conversation
David Spiro (BBA ’12), Chad Stark (BBA ’12)

Fall 2011 Assessment Grants ($1,500 each team)

AddressMe -
application that automatically updates electronic address book
Cam Smith (MBA/MS SNRE ’13)

Conspire – platform for individuals seeking collaborators and companies seeking managers that are a good fit
Julia Tran (MBA ’12), Ryan Stenson (MBA ’12), Sudeep Eldo K. Cherian (MBA ’12),  Jason Garfield (MBA ’12),  Himanshu Sharma (MBA ’12)

Dean Adam - web-based retailer of high-end men's grooming and personal care items
Jason Garfield (MBA ’12), Nick Lewis (MBA ’12), Samuel Nathan (MBA ’12)

 - R&D company that designs appropriate, high-quality, low-cost medical devices in collaboration with local clinicians in developing countries to improve the state of maternal and infant health
Elaine Chang (MBA ’12), Caitlin Winget (MSE BME ’12), Rajen Kumar (MSE ME ’11), Chris Maue (MSE BME ’11), Theresa Fisher (BSE ME ’11)

IFM Database
- building management software plug-in that self-populates with equipment maintenance requirement
Darius Banasik (MBA ’12)

 - resource and knowledge sharing platform connecting students, employers and advertisers
Hariprasad Govardhanam (MSE Robotics ’11), Sunny Arora (MSE Robotics ’11), Devin O'Rourke

Real Good Food - platform coordinating homemade food exchanges and collaborative cooking and dining events
Devin McIntire (MBA/MS SNRE ’13)

Vault Health Solutions
– platform to enable healthcare providers greater access to patients’ medical histories
Shaun Smolarz (MBA ’12), B. Gabriel Smolarz, MD

Fall 2011 Venture Shaping Grants ($500 each team)

Don’t Weed Me –
solving the problem of connecting tutors to students in “weed out” classes
 Zach Simon (BBA ’14), Spencer Scolnick (BSE ChemE ’14)

– solving the problem of creating a high end intelligent recommender system as a Drupal module
Daniel Zhou (PhD Info Sci ‘12), Isis Li (MSI ’11), Marty Byle

eRent – solving the problems of  landlords and tenants surrounding rent collection and accounting
 Zubair Ahsan (MSE PharmE ’13), Sumit Gupta (JD ’14), Arshabh Sarda (BBA/BSE Aero ’12)

EVStation – addressing the issue of limited availability of electric vehicle charging stations
Lawrence Han (MBA/MS SNRE ’14), Javier Rivera (MBA/MS SNRE ’14), Ajay Varadharajan (MS SNRE/MSE ’11)

FinAsk – creating a solution to the problem of  connecting personal financial advisors to those seeking financial advice
Sudeep Cherian (MBA ’12), Nirav Shroff, Neal  Pancholi

Medicron -  Addressing the need for tracking nation-wide health data across Tanzania, to improve communication, healthcare delivery, and monitoring of clinical needs
Zahid Hasan (MSE AOSS ’11), Calvin Park MSE AOSS ’11), Sangeetha Krishnan (MBA ’12)

MyInfluence – solving the problem of limited offline interactions between people using online social networking tools
Kwesi Buabeng (MBA ’12), Raj Vir (BSE CSE ’15), Andrew Rauh (BSE CSE ’15)

Smart Peru – solving the problem of limited availability of online information for the Peruvian market
Shila Arias (MBA ’12), Erick Figueroa (MBA ’12)

Stoowards – addressing the opportunity to create a rewards system connecting college students with local merchants
 Puneet Dikshit (MBA ’13), Pinak Deshpande (MBA ’13)

Thrively – solving the problem of lack of tools for employee feedback and self-development
Nick Fassler (MBA/MS ’12), Emily Luke (MSI ’12)

Torch Hybrid Boat Co.  – addressing the problems of carbon emissions and water pollution, and the high cost of fuel prices with current boating options
Justin D'Atri (MS SNRE ’12), Matt Sexton (MS NAME/ME ’12), Matt Lankowski (MS NAME/ME ’12), Siddharth Menon (ME ESE ’12), Ira Shaughnessy (MBA/MS ’12)

New TechArb Tenants November 1, 2011 - April 30, 2012

– addressing the issue of limited availability of electric vehicle charging stations
Lawrence Han (MBA/MS SNRE ’14), Javier Rivera (MBA/MS SNRE ’14), Ajay Varadharajan (MS SNRE/MSE ’11)

FinAsk - online platform connecting personal financial advisors to those seeking financial advice
Sudeep Cherian (MBA ’12), Nirav Shroff, Neal Pancholi

IFM Database – building management software plug-in that self-populates with equipment maintenance requirements
Darius Banasik (MBA ’12)

Secure Healing - cloud-based software company specialized in privacy monitoring and reporting across numerous healthcare software systems
Amit Kulkarni (MBA ’12), Ramya Panchangam (MBA ’12), Jonathan Roelofs (MBA ’12)

SynapTech  - high-tech consulting and IP company specializing in design, fabrication, and development of moveable microelectrode arrays for neural interfaces to restore vision, movement, and treat neurological disorders
Duna Raoof-Daneshvar (MD Res ’13), Eugene Daneshvar (PhD BME ’11), Steven Koski

Team Fit - web and mobile platform that allows dieters to maintain motivation and accountability in their weight loss goals
Brian Atz (MBA ’12), JR Blaszek (MBA ’12)

– solving the problem of lack of tools for employee feedback and self-development
Nick Fassler (MBA/MS SNRE ’12), Emily Luke (MSI ’12)

- online trivia platform that allows anyone to create and share trivia games
Ricardo J. Rodriguez (MSE CSE ’11), Ujjwal Jain (MSE EE ’11), Shamik Ganguly (MSE CSE ’11)

Winter 2011 Integration Grants (up to $10,000 each team)

AYAH, LLC  $5,000
- Tyler Paxton (MBA ’11), Reid Tatoris (MBA ’11), Biswaroop Palit (MBA ’11), Benjamin Blackmer (MBA ’12), David Levitch (MBA ’11)
Develops and markets a game-based CAPTCHA that is simple, intuitive and secure

ReGenerate $ 10,000 -
Paul Davis (MBA/MS ’11), Nolan Orfield (PhD/MSE ’13), Bobby Levine (PhD ’13), Hunt Briggs (MBA/MS ’11)
Provides food service operators with on-site biodigester systems

STIgma Free $5,000 -
Rameshwar Rao (PhD ’14), Sasha Cai Lesher-Perez (PhD ’14), Jeremy Holzwarth (PhD ’14), Patrick Ingram (PhD ’14), Joshua White (PhD ’14), Bethany Tong (MBA ’12)
Develops and sells point-of-care diagnostic devices for small clinical and home use to test for sexually transmitted diseases

StrideSports $10,000 -
Brian Beard (MBA ’12), Grant Weber (MBA ’11), Patrick Fay    
Designs and produces standing bicycles

Winter 2011 Assessment Grants ($1,500 each team)

Cap Hotels -
Josh Kappel (BBA ’11), Jonathan Litinger (BA ’11)
Boutique hotel on campus that provides visitors with authentic college-lifestyle experience 
Digital Maxim - Thirumurthi Ranganathan (MBA ’12), Kazuya Komon (MBA ’11)
Offers digital versions (eBooks) of foreign language books

eHealthX - Sudhakar Mohanraj (MBA ’11)
Software platform for easy and secure exchange of medical records

Evo - Brittney Wright (MAcc ’11), Amber Wright
Business to business wholesale hair extension supplier

GastroAnalytics -
Julie Foucher (BSE BME ’11), Liting Chen (BSE BME ’11), Christopher Jaeger (BSE BME ’11), John Sidhom (BSE BME ’11),Powell Perng (BSE BME ’11)
Point-of-care screening device for dyssynergic defecation

Giant Eel Productions -
Edmund Zagorin (BA ’11), Jacob Mendel (BA ’11), Sachin Jain (MBA ’11), Adam Hundt (MBA ’11)
Media company that provides 3-D production services to the multi-dimensional media market

MEMStim – Angelique Johnson (PhD ’11), Christopher Cadotte (MBA ’12), Andrew Smith (MBA ’12)
Designs and sells customizable micro-fabricated stimulators to medical device companies as a cheaper, higher-performing alternative to the hand-assembled electrodes used in their neurostimulator devices        

mobback -
Jonathan Palay (MBA ’12), TJ Marston (MBA ’12), Mark Crawford (PhD ’14)
Mobile feedback-based application that allows businesses to get instant feedback from customers at the point of sale       

Rural East Organic Food Company -
Robert Liou (MBA ’11), Tom Li (MBA ’11), Susan Lai (MBA ’12), Yuntao Zhao (PhD SNRE ’12), Pingjiang Yang (PhD SNRE ’12)
Importer of organic and fair trade certified products from China to US       

Secure Healing -
Amit Kulkarni (MBA ’12), Ramya Panchangam (MBA ’12), Jonathan Roelofs (MBA ’11), Qian Wang (MBA ’11)
Health privacy monitoring and reporting platform that works across diverse healthcare software systems

SurveyBroker -
Nick Danoff (MBA ’12), Chandra Aryasomayajula (MBA ’11)
Website that matches market research consultants with fieldwork companies
VENA - Daniel Ehyaie (PhD ’11), Dimitri Akimaru (BS IOE ’13), Filippos Theodorakis (BS CS '13)
Secure point of sale system using biometric technologies

Winter 2011 Venture Shaping Grants ($500 each team)

Chaat Corner -
Vijay Manikandan Janakiraman (PhD ’12), Shashi Bhushan Singh (MS ’11), Manoj Jegannathan (MS ’11)
 Quick-service Indian restaurant in Ann Arbor

cliC -
Shenique Coston (MBA ’11), Shavonne Posey (MBA ’11)
Manufacturer and e-retailer of women's shoe accessories    

Crowd-Storm - Seth Samuels (BBA ’13), Gary Samuels, Alex Wozniak (BBA ’11)
Web-based conversation platform
GERD Solutions - Ameya Walimbe (MS BME ’11), Chia-Fang Chang (MS BME ’11),  Jeremy Koehler (MS ME ’11), John Whalen (MS BME ’12)
 Medical device for treatment of gastroesophageal reflux disease

LRN2TXT - Anuj Goyal (MBA ’11),Sharad Mangalick (MBA ’11), Paul Mander (MBA ’11)
Android application that encourages teens to learn while texting

Manage - Sabrina Smith (MBA ’11)
Online tool that teaches personal finance fundamentals to college students

New Interventional Therapy for Ischemic Stroke - Kunal Patel (MS BME ’11), Shangfeng Chang (MS BME ’11), Seung-Jae Chung (MS BME ’11), Vivienna Lim  (MS BME ’11), Zhe Guan (MS BME ’11)
Medical device for treating stroke

Skin - Camila Salamanca (MBA ’12), Heinrich Kobold (MS ’11)
Manufactures and sells beauty products made from natural Columbian plant sources

Tele-Stethoscope -
Nathaniel Skinner (PhD ’13), Jeremy Koehler (MSE ’11), Annie Mitsak (PhD ’11), Ryan Roberts (BS CSE '13), Christine Zuchora (BS CSE '12)
Device that allows remote diagnosis of heart defects in infants

Vendtelligence - Michael Berry (MBA ’13)
Intelligent vending machines

Worbility – Satish Katpally (MBA ’12)
Suite of smartphone/mobile applications for businesspeople

Fall 2010 Integration Grants (up to $10,000 each team)

AME Outdoors
$5,000 – Adam Young (MBA ’11)
Collective reservation services for sport fishing industry

Bebaroo $10,000 – Luis Calderon (MBA ’10), Allen Kim (BSE IOE ’11), Maris Gersh (MBA ’11)
Subscription-based rental service for infant and toddler clothes

OWN $10,000
  - Verdi Ergun (MBA ’12) and Erol Ahmed
Point of sale system for coffee houses and related targeted businesses

Fall 2010 Assessment Grants ($1,500 each team)

– Pardyumna Mishra (MBA ’12), Siyang Chen (MFA ’13)
Develops smart phone accessories to allow visually impaired users access to modern technologies
Briese Capital Management - Robert Briese (MBA ’12)
Proprietary approach to managing financial portfolios, particularly focusing on futures trading

Chinese American Institute - Ann-Li Cooke (MBA ’12)
Provides underserved Chinese youth with opportunities to study at U.S. colleges and universities

Finasic - Farnoush Mirmoeini (MBA ’12)
Novel hardware-based solution for simulating risk profiles for financial institutions

Impact Secret - JR Blaszek (MBA ’12), Jeremy Schifeling (MBA ’12)
Comprehensive resource center for social and public sector career opportunities

Morph Innovations - Josh Bishop-Moser (PhD ME ’13), Esther Khym (MBA ’10), Aarti Gopal
Creates a novel sole for shoes that can transform between flat and high heel profiles

PPX Solutions – Sumit Gupta (BBA ’11)
Electrode-based treatment for deep vein thrombosis

Specialized Designs
William Hilzinger (BSE ME ’11), Andrew Howe (BS BBCS ’12), Tiffany Huang (BBA ’12), Maria Svidler (BA/BFA ’11)
Designs novel toys that engage and appeal to visually-impaired and sighted children

Stigma Free – Rameshwar Rao (PhD BME ’14), Sasha Cai Lesher-Perez (PhD BME’14), Jeremy Holzwarth (PhD BME ’14), Patrick Ingram (PhD BME ’14), Joshua White (PhD BME ’14), Bethany Tong (MBA ’12)
Designs device for private, in-home testing for sexually transmitted diseases

Syncronizer  - Dan Rich (MBA ’11), Shana Anderson (MBA ’11)
Provides social media platform that congregates users around topics of interest

TechArb Tenants for Fall 2010

AYaH - Tyler Paxton (MBA ’11), Reid Tatoris (MBA ’11), Biswaroop Palit (MBA ’11), David Levitch (MBA ’11)
Creates an intuitive human authentification applet that  replaces the current distorted text CAPTCHAs used to filter online attacks

Bebaroo - Luis Calderon (MBA ’10), Allen Kim (BSE IOE ’11), Maris Gersh (MBA ’11)
Subscription-based rental service for infant and toddler clothes

Get Fresh Detroit  - Zachary Markin (MS ChemE ’12), Noam Kimelman (MPH/MUP ’12)
Provides fresh produce to underserved markets in Detroit

Heart Graffiti  - Sara Jones (MBA ’10)
Designs and markets silver commemorative jewelry for female college students

June Energy  - Md. Shahnoor Amin (MSE ’10), Abdrahamane Traore
Designs portable solar energy products for electricity and lighting in rural Africa and Asia

Node Out  - William Foss (MBA ’12), Ward Detwiler (MBA ‘12)
Develops smart-phone applications that utilize crowd-sourced decision engine, first area of interest will be wine selection application

Own - Verdi Ergun (MBA ’12) and Erol Ahmed
Point of sale system for coffee houses and related targeted businesses

Sentient Wings
– Justin Jackson (PhD AeroE ’12), Zahid Hasan, Yu-hsien Chang, Calvin Park
Adds intelligence and functionality to unmanned aerial vehicles

Specialized Designs – William Hilzinger (BSE ME ’11), Andrew Howe (BS BBCS ’12), Tiffany Huang (BBA ’12), Maria Svidler (BA/BFA ’11)
Designs novel toys that engage and appeal to visually-impaired and sighted children

SurveyBroker  - Nick Danoff (MBA ’12)
Online brokerage to match professional marketing surveyors with small- to medium-sized business clients

terraOS  - Jonathan Palay (MBA ’12), Mark Crawford (PhD ISE ’14), Theodore Marston (MBA ‘12)
Provides mobile geolocation services to integrate with smart vehicles and infrastructure

WebWise – Chad Stark (BBA ’12), David Spiro (BBA ‘12)
Service that enables customers to maintain contact relevancy across any number of communication channels

Winter 2010 Integration Grants 

Bazaar Bee ($5,000) – Seema Sawhney (MBA  ’11) and Puneet Sawhney (MBA ’09)
Online marketplace connecting  North American-based Asian Indians to wedding vendors in India

Ambiq Micro ($10,000) - Scott Hanson, David Landman (MBA ’10), and Philip O’Niel (MBA ’10)
Ultra-low power microprocessors to battery-powered radio frequency identification tags

Shepherd Intelligent Systems ($5,000) - Adrian Fortino (MBA ’10), Thomas Gellatly (BSE ’10), Jahan Khanna (MSE ’11), and Manisha Tayal (MBA ’10)
Real-time vehicle location information for the passengers and managers of public transit

Winter 2010 Assessment Grants ($1,500 each team)

A2D Technologies - Jorge Pernillo (PhD ‘10) and YuanYuan Fang (MBA ’10)
Analog to digital converter circuit design

AME Outdoors – Adam Young (MBA ’10)
Collective reservation website and service call center for fishing industry

Carbon Perks - Paul Gruber (MBA/MS ’10), Arie Jongejan (MBA/MS ’10), Mary Lemmer (BBA ’10), and Rajesh Nerlikar (MBA ’10)
Online rewards system linking consumers, utilities, and retailers

Food Waste Energy - Bhushan Giri, Matthew Johndrow (MBAs ’11), Kurt Liethen (MSE ’10), Allison Shapiro (MBA/MS ’12), Raghav Wate (MBA ’11)
 Biodigesters for the restaurant industry, to capture gas produced from the decomposition of organic waste

Heart Graffiti - Sara Jones (MBA ‘10)
Silver commemorative jewelry for female college students

InnoMotus – Eric Jacuzzi (MSE ’12) and Chandler Yao (MBA ’10)
Products for use to verify sterilization and safety of clinical tools

June Energy -  Shahnoor Amin (MSE ’10), David Cieminis (MBA/MS ’10), and Abdrahamane Traore
Portable solar energy products for electricity and lighting in rural Africa and Asia

SanoBio Therapeutics - Zubair Ahsan (BBA/BSE ’11), James Li (BSE ’11), Paul Marinec (PhD), Boyang Zhao (BSE ’11)
A low-cost topical treatment for diabetic ulcers

Winter 2010 Business Design Grants ($500 each team)

Air 2 O – David Sheng (BSE ’10), Joshua Demb (BS ’11), Joe Cha (BSE ’11), Nicholas Kaylor (BSE ’11), Rohan Bhargava (BBA ’11)
Device to extract water from ambient air
Calypso Power – Casady Wyckoff (BSE ’10), Katharina Maisel (BSE ’10), Tamir Arbel (BSE ’10), Mark  Hendryx (MSE ’10), Mike Thompson (MSE ’11), and Mit Shah (BSE ’10)
Module that mixes fresh and saltwater to produce electricity using the process of reverse electro-dialysis

CWIC Technologies - Ryan Bernstein (BSE ’10), Cooper Fallek (BS ’10), and Kasey King (BA ’10)
Personal vision tracking device to capture what a person’s eye actually sees

Drag Stopper – Glenn McDonald (BSE ’10)
Attachment for over-the-road trucks and trailers to reduce drag and increase fuel efficiency

ELTwo  - Doug Anderson (MSE ’10), Emilia Fracz (MSE ’10), Alan Harrell (MSE ’10), and  David Rolek (MSE ’10)
Novel treatment for glaucoma

EmboLess - Kim DeGraaf (MSE ’10), Whitney Hovan (MSE ’10), Choi Li (MSE ’10), Adam  Biddle (MSE ’10), Shishira  Nagesh (MSE ’10), and Joseph Perosky  (MSE ’11)
Medical device to safely remove embolisms

The Gupta Company – Sumit Gupta (BBA ’11)
Piezoelectric treatment for deep vein thrombosis

Gutbuster! - Johnathan Yap, Yuri Inoue, Amir Sabet Sarvestani, and Douglas Yeung (MSEs ’10)
Pill-sized camera with location-based sensing to help evaluate conditions within the digestive tract

Hippo Water International - Colm Fay (MBA/MS ’12), Cynthia Koenig (MBA/MS ’11), and Chris Mueller (MBA/MPP ’11)
A product to transport water in rural undeveloped areas that decreases water gathering effort and raises productivity of local populations

IMAGINE Africa - Bo Zhu (BSE ’11), Todd Zusman (BSE ’10), Eleni Kottaki (MSE ’10), Jacob  Smith (BBA ’10), and Laura Haselhuhn (BBA ’10)
Solar powered internet connectivity hub

Next Generation Seton - Samantha Passen, Thomas Peter, and Jason Stibbe (MSEs ’10)
Device to heal fistulas internally and more rapidly than current solutions

Sentient Wings - Zahid Hasan (BSE ’09), Yu-hsien Chang (MSE ’09), Justin Jackson (PhD ’12), and
Calvin Park (BSE ’09)
Adds intelligence and functionality to unmanned aerial vehicles

SiCAR- Danial Ehyaie (PhD ‘10)
Collision avoidance radar for automobiles

STIgma Free - Rameshwar Rao (MS ’10), Jeremy Holzwarth (PhD ’14), Patrick Ingram (PhD ’14),
Joshua White (PhD ’14), and Sasha Cai Lesher-Perez (PhD ’14)
Private in-home testing for several sexually transmitted diseases

Sure Secure Lead Anchoring Solutions - Annie Mitsak (PhD ’11), Sarah Jameson (MSE ’10), Justin Sweet (MSE ’10), and Nathaniel Skinner (PhD ’13)
Medical device for securing pacemaker leads to the pectoral muscle

TechArb Tenants Summer 2010

CWIC Technologies - Ryan Bernstein (BSE ’10), Cooper Fallek (BS ’10), and Kasey King (BA ’10)
Personal vision tracking device to capture what a person’s eye actually sees

Food Waste Energy - Bhushan Giri, Matthew Johndrow (MBAs ’11), Kurt Liethen (MSE ’10), Allison Shapiro (MBA/MS ’12), Raghav Wate (MBA ’11)
Biodigesters for the restaurant industry, to capture gas produced from the decomposition of organic waste

Joe – Jessica Meyer (MBA ’11), Alexander Kruger (BBA ’11), Jeremy Klaben (BBA ’13), and Verdi Ergun (MBA ’12)
Point of sale system for coffee houses and related targeted businesses

June Energy - Shahnoor Amin (MSE ’10), David Cieminis (MBA/MS ’10), and Abdrahamane Traore
Portable solar energy products for electricity and lighting in rural Africa and Asia

Heart Graffiti - Sara Jones (MBA ‘10)
Silver commemorative jewelry for female college students

Fibril Scan – Douglas Mullen (PhD ’10) and Mark Banaszak Holl
An accurate diagnostic test to scan large populations for osteoporosis

Next Generation Seton - Samantha Passen, Thomas Peter, and Jason Stibbe (MSEs ’10)
Device to heal fistulas internally and more rapidly than current solutions

Resonant Capital  -
Michael Godwin and Jason Townsend (MBAs ’10)
Michigan-based venture capital firm

Sentient Wings - Zahid Hasan (BSE ’09), Yu-hsien Chang (MSE ’09), Justin Jackson (PhD ’12), and
Calvin Park (BSE ’09)
Adds intelligence and functionality to unmanned aerial vehicles

SiCAR- Danial Ehyaie (PhD ‘10)
Collision avoidance radar for automobiles

Fall 2009 Integration Grants (up to $10,000 each team)

Hyperion ($5,000) – Karim Fanous, David Landman and Jeff Rodrian (MBAs ’10)
Light sport aircraft design and manufacture

MyBandStock ($5,000) – John-Michael Fischer (MSE NERS ’10), Andrew Leahy (BA ’10) and Bobby Matson (BBA ’10)
Online fundraising platform for performing artists

Natural Aquaculture ($5,000) – Andrew Chamaj, Philip O’Niel and Aaron Skrocki (MBAs ’10)
Antibiotic-free, hormone-free native fishery

Structured Microsystems ($10,000) – Vikas Gujadhur (MBA/MA ’10), Razi-ul Haque (PhD ’10) and Wasim Quadir (MBA/JD ’09)
Offers three-dimensionally stacked integrated circuits in a single package. Recipient of $1,000 scholarship to attend Ann Arbor SPARK’s Boot Camp

Fall 2009 Assessment Grants ($1,500 each team)

Ayah - Tyler Paxton (MBA ’11)
An alternative method to test the “human-ness” of website visitors

Backyard Brains - Connie Chung (BBA ’11), Gregory Gage (PhD ’09), Timothy Marzullo (PhD ’08), Sanjiv Rao and John Qian (BBAs ‘11)
Designs and markets affordable neuroscience kits for educational purposes

Charter Jet Connect - Andrew Ellerhorst and Bradley Hart (MBAs ‘11)
Online marketplace for booking charter aircraft

City Connect - Sai Tong Ng, Saritha Puttagunta, Onur Sencer and Rajani Yellamanchili  (MBAs ‘10)
Process solution for location-based government services

Digital Receipts - Sarika Gupta, Dora Lam, Shreyas Patel, Eli Slack and Nathan Williams (MBAs ‘10)
Captures and stores receipts digitally

Innovascular - Mohamed Elgamel (MD ‘06), Jeffrey Groom (MSE BE ’09), Yuri Haverman (MBA ’09), Sanjay Shah (MBA ’08) and Aaron Swick (MSE BE ’08)
Device to localize and control severe bleeding

IRIZ Technologies - Daniel Irimia and Dan Zetu (MBA ’10)
Specialized service to screen the effect of compounds on the motility of target cancer cell lines

Joe - Manvendu Bharadwaj (MBA ’11), Verdi Ergun (MBA ’12), Jeremy Klaben (BBA ‘13), Alexander Kruger (BBA ’11) and Jessica Meyer (MBA ’11)
Point of sale system for coffee shops

Lodestone Capital - Sam Lines; and Niels Zellers (MBA/MSs ‘11)
Bridges the divide between energy services companies and property owners reluctant to invest in energy efficient projects

Nalu Solar Tools - Kelly McKenzie (MBA/MSW ’09), Brian McLaughlin, and Jennifer McLaughlin (MBA/MS ’10), Prashanth Prasad (MBA ’10) and Imogen Taylor (MBA/MS ’10)
Web-based software offers operational support for solar PV contractors

Securilink - Cole Confer (MBA ’11) and Maria Confer
Personal safety device that utilizes cell phone technology

Urban Food Gardener - Matthew Neagle (MBA ‘11)
Online information and products for urban gardening

Fall 2009 Business Design Grants ($500 each team)

A2D Technologies - Jorge Pernillo (PhD ‘10)
Analog to digital converter circuit design
Capture Fitness - Tyson Macomber, Chad Marchewka, Richard Neely and Nirav Shah (MBAs ’11)
Eco-gym that generates electricity and transfers it directly back into the electrical grid

Carbon Growth - Don Tappan (BBA/BSE ME ‘11)
System that uses carbon dioxide to promote crop growth

DesignFloor - Abhijit Dastidar (MBA ’11) and David Tolsma
Product Lifecycle Management software system for small and medium sized manufacturing companies

Exercise Eco Energy  - Patrick Julius (BS ‘10)
Stationary bicycle that is an electrical generator

Grub Grabber -Jason Jacob and Alexander Kruger (BBAs ’11)
Web application that alerts patrons to daily specials from local restaurants

Heart Graffiti - Sara Jones (MBA ‘10)
Silver commemorative jewelry for female college students

LEAD Insurance Agency - Nathan Fink (BBA ‘11)
Insurance for sustainable commercial buildings

Navitus Global - Anand Bharath (MSE ME ’10), Allen Kim (BS IOE ’11), Yisi Lu (BBA ’12), Fozoh Saliki (MSE AE ‘11) and Ben Yelian (BBA ’12)
Designing a low-cost, energy efficient refrigerator for low-income and temporary emergency housing

“No-Worries” Debit Card - Norbert Kalman and John Beltran (MBAs ‘11)
Debit card for international travelers

The Pool - Dhananjay Ahnad (PhD ‘12), Jeffrey Fletcher (MSE ME ’11), William Harrison (PhD ’10) and Deepak Sharma (PhD ’11)
Speed dating through interactive gaming

RIPE Group - Ellen Binder (BFA ’11), Craig Foldes (BA ’11), Justin Isaacs (BSE ME ’11), Brittani Kagan (BA ’11), Josh Kappel (BBA ’11), Ross Nacht (BA ’11), Samantha Orshan (BFA ’11) and Stuart Siegel (BSE BE ’11)
Biomimicry-based non-slip application for various applications

Samaj - Geetika Bhargava (MBA ‘10)
Indian senior-living facility in United States

Unnamed Product - Anthony Chen (BBA/BSE CS ‘11), Tracy Li, and Wendy Yu (BBA ’11)
Hand-held device that combines technologies targeted at youth in China

Winter 2009 - Integration grants ($10,000 each team)

Caliente - Yuri Haverman (MBA '09), Jaime Olaiz, Rene Torres, and Marcin Wojtczak (MBAs '09)
Mexican food in Poland

Frontier Markets - Jonathan Carender, Dylan Imre, Andrew Kish, and Eric Rose (BBA '10)
Forecasting based on the wisdom of crowds to help businesses

Winter 2009 - Assessment grants ($1,500 each team)

Bazaar Bee - Puneet Sawhney (MBA '08) and Seema Sawhney (MBA '10)
Connects wedding product vendors in India to US Indians

Bookwordation – Nicholas McNamara and Rajesh Pillai (MBAs '09)
Book rental service that provides business books to frequent business travelers Rajesh

CHOP - Shayan Merchant (MBA '10)
Day care service for South Asian elderly people

Gift of Sound - Ata Arica (MBA '09), Mahendra Bhandari (MBA '10), Dan Carlson, Uma Pishati, and Aaron Nelson (MBAs '09)
Offers low cost digital hearing aides to people in India

Husk - Ian Daily, Erica Graham, Shally Madan, Siddharth Sinha (MBAs '09), and Elizabeth Uhlhorn (MBA '10)
Sells vacuum insulated panels from rice husks as insulation

Hyperion - Jeff Rodrian (MBA '10)
Designs small aircraft

Nonprofit Planning Solutions - David Yeung (MBA '10)
Offers business software to non-profits

Orthoreach - Srinath Koppa (MBA '10)
System to fit orthotics for base of the pyramid consumers

Structured Microsystems - Razi-ul Haque (PhD '10) and Wasim Quadir (JD/MBA '09)
Offers three dimensionally stacked integrated circuits in a single package

Urban Wind Solutions - Joseph Belter (MS '09), David Clark (ME '09), and Don Tappan (BBA '11)
Wind turbines that integrates advertising

Winter 2009 - Business Design grants ($500 each team)

$100 Spike – Gregory Gage (PhD ‘09) and Timothy Marzullo (PhD ‘08)
Home kits to test neurology on insects

BrainFrAim - Jeffrey Groom, Josh Hoag, and Tanvi Singh (MSs '09)
Mask that immobilizes the head during neurosurgery

Esteem Recommender Systems – Alex Wiltschko (BS ‘09)
Software making tailored and accurate recommendations

DialysEZ – Takashi Kozai
Enables access to blood vessels while reducing infections

Endocutter –Taarif Jafferi, Raghunath Katragadda, Arhul Rattan, and Zachary Weingarden (MSs ‘09) Endoscope attachment that incorporates a motor to help doctors treat GI bleeding

Mphasis – David Lorch (PhD ‘09)
records therapy discussions and analyzes words and tone

Smart Endo Instrument - Sakib Elahi (PhD ‘12), Andrius Giedraitis (MS ‘09), Polina Mlynarzh (MS ‘09), and Qiu Zhen (PhD ‘13)
Instrument that cuts through food bolus

VirSn - Myra Epp, David Li, Brian Matty, and Christine Stewart (MSs ‘09)
Device that removes aortic valve before implanting a new valve

Fall 2008 - Integration grants (award varies)

Barn Wake Park – Danielle Lalli (BBA ’10) and Eduardo Serrano (IOE ’10) ($5,000)
A wakeboarding park in SE Michigan that uses a cabled installation to pull wakeboarders around a natural lake.

dusoto – Alex Robart and Chris Robart (MBAs ’09) ($10,000)
Online resource to help youth travelers discover nightlife around the world.

GIDEON – Mark Birac (MBA ’09) ($10,000)
Provides CAD software that enables and accelerates nanotechnology research and development.

i2 – Jessica Goldberg (MBA ’09), Katie Miller (MBA/MArch ’10), and Jack Xuan (MBA ’10) ($5,000)
Online service that offers custom home improvement instructions and design options to homeowners looking to make quality home improvements on a modest budget.

Fall 2008 - Assessment grants ($1500 each)

Cook for Cure - Prasath Chandrasekaran and Ranjit Valasa (MBAs ’10)
Offers ready to eat low-iodine meals to thyroid cancer patients who are preparing to receive radio-active iodine therapy.

Elder Tree - Kimberly Dillon (MBA ’10)
Online money management solution that enables families to manage elderly family member’s finances and financial related mail.

enDep - Jim Beyer, Arie Jongejan, and Thomas Leahy (MBA/MSs ’10)
Technology integrator that offers a unique Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) powertrain that provides increased fuel efficiency, reduced driving costs, reduced vehicle emissions, and a reduced reliance on foreign oil to, initially, current high net-worth Toyota Prius owners

Fontis Biotechnologies - Matt Gibson (Ph.D. ’10), Lin Hou (MBA/MS ’09), Takashi Kozai (Ph.D. ’10), and Erin Purcell (Ph.D. ’08)
Manufactures NovaPatch to deliver large molecule drugs directly through the skin.

Genuinely Organic - Renata Soares (MBA ’09)
Enriches people’s lives with genuinely organic beauty products while using better technology with superior efficacy to make products that are environmentally, socially and economically sustainable, and that are at least 95% organic and USDA certified.

GHG Capital Partners - Alisa Blechman (MBA ’09), Brewster Boyd (MBA/MS ’09), Emily Friedberg (MBA ’09), Nina Henning (MBA/MS ’09), and Joe Malcoun (MBA ’09)
Will source, build, and operate landfill gas projects that delivery high quality carbon credits to aggregators, financial institutions and end users through the voluntary markets.

Magnetic Ventures - Nicholas Clay (Eng ’10), John Sidhom (Eng ’11), and Jerry Zhao (BBA ’11)
Offer the Magnetically Assisted Artificial Joint, a low cost, long lasting joint that reduces the likelihood of revision surgery, to patients who require total joint replacement.

ReLive - Andrew Charnik (MBA ’09)
Offers a sales and distribution infrastructure for live recordings (music and spoken word) to small- and mid-sized performance venues and organizations.

Residential Energy Efficiency - Dave Fribush (MBA/MS ’10), Nagendra Jain (MBA/MS ’08), Jaclyn Pitera, Emily Reyna (MBA/MSs ’09), and Brad Vernier (MBA ’09)
Offers a complete, professional energy efficiency retrofit solution for residential customers.

Fall 2008 - Business Design grants ($500 each)

Brain Sense - Matt Gibson (Ph.D. '10)
Customized service to functionalize neural probes for sensing neurochemicals in the brain.

Buerre d' Karite - Jessica Malouf (LSA '11)
Organic shea butter

Dental Film Carriers - Stacy Baker (DDS '09) and Madeline Masteller (DDS '09)
Dental film carriers to capture set of xrays

Draught Resist - Jane Wei (MBA '10), Tina Tam (MBA '10), and Kpamma Wu (MBA '10)
Genetically modified grass to prevent suscepibility to draughts

Enertia - Jae Yoong Cho (PHD '09)
Commercializes new micro-gyroscope design method and improved fabrication and vacuum-packaging technologies

Fantasy Sports Junkie - Robert Assalino (MBA '10) and Andrew Geppert (MBA '10)
Customized analytical models to allow users to select players

Hanyu High School - Yuan Jiang (MBA '09), Maicie Jones (MBA '09), Hiroki Kobayashi (MBA '09), and
Hirobumi Shimasaki MBA '09
Online chinese classes for high schools

MHEAL - Pratik Rohatgi (MD '11) and Anna Mitsak (PhD '11)
Designing a surgical lamp to run off building power with a backup to prevent frequen grid outages

Play Safe - David Faasse (BSE '10)
High efficiency electrical generator attached to playground equipment to create renewable electricity

Real Time Fatigue - Zachariah Swetky
Microsensors that measure fatigue in airplane wings

Remodeling Coach and Crib - Patricia Stansbury (MBA '10)
Certified remodeling coaches assist the homeowner with renovations

SalesinSight - Sohin Chinoy (MBA '10) and RaviShankar NarayanaPillai (MBA '10)
Infrared sensing devices capable of signaling to stores which marketing tools appealed to consumers

Structured Microsystems - Razi-ul Haque (PhD '10)
Integrates silicon and glass together into a single, standard-sized wafer

Track Africa - Don Tappan (BBA '11)
Implants RFID tags with medical information of sub-Saharan African people to help clinics keep better medical records

Vitro Graft - Takashi Kozai (Ph.D. '10)
Skin graft constructed in vitro

Winter 2008 - Integration Grants (amount varies)

Audiallo ($10,000) - Aaron Nelson (MBA/MA ’09)
Designs biology-inspired, audio processing technology which targets the hearing-aid and high-end audio markets.

Hitchsters ($5,000) - Catherine Lee (MBA ’08), Jason Lin (MBA ’09), and Sriram Viji (MBA ’08)
Operates a service that connects travelers going to and from airports so that they can share a cab and split the fare.

Innovet ($10,000) - Rohan Mendonza (MBA ’09)
Medical devices and service for veterinary orthopedic applications

Mozergy ($5,000) – Jeff LeBrun (MBA/MA ’09), Tony Gross (MBA/MS ’08), Mike Hartley, Ali Moazed (MBA/MS ’09)
Offers sustainable biodiesel feedstock to produce sustainable carbon-neutral biodiesel

Winter 2008 - Assessment Grants ($1,500 each)

A2Secure - Paul Gruber and Yogev Shimony (MBAs ’09)
Offers users a convenient, secure service to store their sensitive information for their online activities.

ELAN – Swapnil Deopurkar and Shara Senior (MBA ’08)
connects schools in India with local donors to create a large selection of funding options available.

Healthy Lunches – Zakaria Shaikh and Jeremy Sullivan (MBAs ’09)
Offers home and school delivered lunches selected by parents

I2 – Jessica Goldberg (MBA ’09) and Katie Miller (MBA/MArch ’10)
Offers design and instruction services to homeowners who want to make quality improvements on a modest budget

Michigan Watersports – Victoria Miretti (BBA ’08) and Eduardo Serrano (B.M.E. ’10)
Offers a unique indoor water sports park to encourage wakeboarding

Natural Sequestration Company – Justin Felt (MBA/MS ’08)
Sequesters carbon dioxide emissions waste to large scale emitters and creates a glucose byproduct to sell.

Project Freestyle – Aly Juma, Brent Medema, Chris Mwakasisi (B.S.s ’08), Michael Parke (BBA ’08)
Offers online tools to provide organizational and marketing solutions for soccer businesses

SecondEye – Brian Burstein (MBA ’09) and Ted Way (Ph.D. ’08)
Provides a software for automated reads of medical images, similar to a spellcheck for radiologists.

Travelamp – Alexander Robart and Christopher Robart (MBAs ’09)
Provides nightlife information to travelers abroad

Z2 Technologies – Dan Zetu (MBA ’09)
Computer- assisted dental implantology services and computer-generated surgical guides to provide ideal implant placement assistance

Winter 2008 - Opportunity grants ($500 each)

BLA Technologies – Ben Avidar (B.S.E. ’10) and Brian Pogrund (B.A. ’11)
Tracks spatial coordinates

City Cycles – John Alexander, Tom Leahy, David Wolpa, and Andrew Zrike (MBAs ’09)
Provides companies with employee support, such as locker rooms, to encourage bicycling commuters

Fontis Medical – Matt Gibson, TK Kozai (Ph.D. ’10), and Erin Purcell (Ph.D. ’08)
Delivers large molecule drugs directly through the skin with a patch

Grad Student Net – Channing Huntington and Prashant Padmanabhan (Ph.D. ’11)
Share access to expensive technology and supplies

High Efficiency Thin Film – Tao Ling, Weiming Wang (Ph.D.s ’10), Jun Yang, and Meng Zhang (Ph.D.s ’08)
Solar cell thin film to make solar energy more accessible

Moduline Technologies – Bryan Callow, Daniel Greenwald, Diana Koordi, and Jeffery Meng (M.S.E. ’08)
External re-sealable connector for implantation within the body

Pure Ultra – Fong Ming Hooi (Ph.D. ’10)
Improved gel polymers for sensitive applications such as ultrasounds

Residential Energy Solutions – Glenn McDonald and Qian Xin Weng (Ph.D. ’10)
Roof-mounted Vertical Axis Wind Turbine for residential and small business use

Taglium – Faheem Gill and Vijay Parthasarathy (MBA ’10)
Cutting fluid

Waste Agents – Thomas Gilbert (Ph.D. ’09)
Advises businesses about the energy value of their waste streams.

Fall 2007 - Integration Grants (amount varies) ($10,000) – Angelo Adams, Ambra Heard, Parren James, Ben Kozma, and Sherman Powell (MBAs ’08)
Online inventory management system to organize and account for military equipment

ePack Corp ($10,000) – Jay Stewart Mitchell (PhD ’07) and Akshai Rao (MBA ’08)
Packaging for MEMS devices

MSignS ($10,000) – Michael Barfuss (MBA ’08), Jason Gilbert, and JudyYu (PhD ’08)
English to sign language portable device

Slow Kitchen Post ($5,000) – Robert Fetter (MBA ’08)
Ships artisan food to customers' doors

Fall 2007 - Assessment Grants ($1,500 each)

Audiallo – Aaron Nelson (MBA/MA’09)
Designs and develops hearing instruments around a new audio processing microprocessor

GIDEON – Mark Birac (MBA ’09) and Ankit Shah (MBA ’07)
CAD software for the design simulation and visualization of nanosystems made from structural DNA nanotechnology

Home Counting – Brian Burstein (MBA ’09) and David Lorch (PhD ’08)
Offers quantitatively accurate male fertility testing at home

Indian Medical Group – Sharad Gupta and Sateesh Srinivasan (MBAs ’09)
Overseas medical tourism

Innovet - Rohan Mendonza (MBA ’09)
Medical devices and service for veterinary orthopedic applications

Neupharma Microdevices – Cory Costley (MBA ’08), Matt Gibson (PhD ’10) and John Seymour (PhD ’08)
Manufactures and sells neural probes

Productive Kitchens – Babu Sambamoorthy (MBA ’08) and Israel Vicars (BS ’08)
Innovative restaurant equipment to provide increased kitchen productivity in industrial kitchens

Sustainable Food Service – Mary Lemmer (BBA ’10) and Vanshika Vij (BA ’09)
Distributes environmentally-friendly food products and services

Fall 2007 - Opportunity Grants ($500 each)

General Aerodynamics – James Cho (MSE ’08)
Analyze performance of helicopter rotors and propellers

Haniwa Raptor Security Systems – David Gaucher (MBA ’09)
Digital recording system triggered by RFID hits for security firms

Hearing Protection Indicator – Robert Littrell (PhD’09)
Safety glasses that indicate when hearing protection is needed

i2 - Katie Miller (MBA/MArch ’10)
Mass market architectural services

Maxim Investments – Maxim Yutsis (MBA ’08)
Investment funds that get maximum tax efficiency

Modern Portfolio Auctions – Miles Putnam (MA)
Auction for individual or combination bid lots

Second Eye – Ted Way (PhD ’08)
CAD highlight of areas on CT scans that radiologists should focus on

SensoWear – Edward Jan and Meghan Cuddihy (PhDs ‘09)
Fabric that senses change in temperature, pH, etc for sportswear and military uniforms

Winter 2007 - Integration grants (amount varies)

Elevate Learning ($10,000) - Shaily Baranwal and Suhas Ghuge (MBA '07)
Offers innovative, result oriented, one-to-one online instruction program in math, reading, and science for K-12 schools and school districts.

Forest Eye ($5,000) - Brewster Boyd (MBA/MS '09)
Uses a suite of cutting edge remote sensing and spatial technologies to build timber and biomass Inventory Assessments and Asset Utilization Plans for forestland owners

MNI Systems ($10,000) - Adam Litle (MBA/JD '08), Aaron Nelson (MBA '08), and Gayatri Perlin (Ph.D. '07)
Develops and manufactures implantable micro-scale electrodes based on silicon integrated circuit technology for use in healthcare research and product development

PWR: Professional Women's Resource ($10,000) - Carolyn Ceccoli (MBA '07), Rohan Mendonza (MBA '08), and Barbra Perlstein (MBA '07)
Publishes a magazine offering career advice to young professional women in the early stages of their careers

RealKidz Clothing ($10,000) - Merrill Guerra (MBA '08)
Provides a complete line of clothing to plus-sized children aged 5-12 and an online social network to help these children and their families incorporate healthy lifestyle choices into their daily routines

Winter 2007 - Assessment Grants ($1,500 each) - Robert Fetter (MBA '08)
Offers a website for small, regional makers of premium food and wine to sell to interested customers unable to find such products locally

Boomers Fitness - Neal Sharma (MBA/JD '09) and Sahana Shetty and Jeremy Zasowski (MBAs '08)
Increases the physical, mental, and social well-being of baby boomers by creating a franchise system of health and fitness clubs

Custom Car Glass, LLC - Jason Townsend (MBA '10)
Creates high- quality custom cut glass for consumers that build and restore street rods

Rain Distributors - David Parzen (MBA '08)
Promotes high quality local community products to help local merchants compete with mass merchants

Review Master - Balachandra Deshpande (eve MBA)
Helps consumers quickly research product reviews and ratings provided by other users on the internet

Text Message Trivia - Michael Blais (MBA '08)
Allows cell phone users with SMS capability to play an online trivia game via their phone

xMoxie - Robert Flynn (MBA '08), Alex Martinez (JD '07), and Raj Mummineni (MBA '09)
Provides an online platform for customers to find, negotiate, and execute real estate purchase option contracts

Winter 2007 - Opportunity Grants ($500 each)

Affordable On-Campus Summer Storage – Kevin Zhu (BS ’07)
Summer storage by subleasing apartments

AKA Wireless Sensing Solutions - Kenneth Loh and R. Andrew Swartz (Ph.D.s '08) and Andrew Zimmerman (Ph.D. '09)
Wirelessly monitors building structures and sends an alert when structural damage occurs

ArtiPan – Luis Salas (Ph.D. ’09)
Implantable micropump that continuously monitors glucose and delivers insulin for treatment of diabetes

Autonomous Internal Combustion Engines – Andreas Malikopoulos
Controller that adapts to driver's style of driving to optimize fuel economy

BlazeScientific – Amar Basu (Ph.D. ’07)
Allow users to assess drug target interaction in label free assay

Community Customized Designs –Ruchi Rikhi and Anay Shah (BBAs ’07)
Online design portal for users to upload clothing suggestion to manufacturers

eyeMouse – Hirak Parikh (Ph.D. ’08) and Luis Salas (Ph.D. ’09)
Mouse controlled by eye movement

Home Counting – David Lorch (Ph.D. ’08)
Home sperm counting test

InnovetTechnologies - Rohan Mendonza (MBA '08)
Bringing innovative joint replacement products and services for veterinary orthopedic applications.

Journal Authors Network - Judy Yu (Ph.D. '08)
Creates relationships based on journal authors

MEMS Microphone – Robert Littrell (Ph.D. ’09)
Cheaper microphone for cell phones

Miniature Integrated Biosensors – Damon Hoff (Ph.D. ’07)

Neuropharm Microdevices – John Seymour (MSE ’04)
Provides microprobes capable of the dual function of drug delivery and electriophysiological recording in the nervous system

NiTime - Wen-Lung Huang (Ph.D. ’07)

Occupancy Monitor – Michael Martin (BS ’07)
Monitors the number of people in a building and tells people over the internet

Potentia – Ruba Borno (Ph.D. ’07)
Generates eletrical power scavenged from the environment via evaporation in a microfabricated device

PowerTech – Tzeno Galchev

SBT – Chandrashekar Shankar (Ph.D. ’07)
Removes biodegradable matter from waste water

Smart Solar Panel – Ivan Goenawan (MS ’08)
Solar energy colelctor devices that are cheaper and more efficient and powerful

Solera Health – Thomas Steiner and Michael Voice (BSEs ’07)
Sends people overseas to get cheap plastic surgery

Super Hydrophobic – Greg Sommer (Ph.D. ’08)
Layer on inner surface of food/beverage containers to enhance product delivery and heat transfer

Tennis Ball Saver – Amelia Buerkle (Ph.D. ’07)
Re-pressurizing lid for tennis ball can

Fall 2006 - Integration Grants ($10,000 each)

Blaze Medical Devices - Michael Tarasev and Animesh Agarval (MBAs '08)
Develops blood analysis devices.

VIVACE - Gus Simiao (MBA '07) and Michael Bernitsas
Provides alternative electricity to locations near water currents

Fall 2006 - Assessment Grants ($1,500 each)

Anniversary Manga - Hiroko Mizuno (MBA '07), Naomi Suzuki (MBA '07), Tatsuyoshi Matsuura (MBA '07), and Takashi Mizuno
Offers personalized e-manga highlights of memorable moments to share over the internet.

Bust Out - Jennifer Anderson and Vidhya Prakash (MBAs '08)
Creates women's dress shirts sized by bust size.

Caring Counseling - Rabindar Subbian (MBA/MSW '08), Mahesh Chandrappa (MBA '08), and Rekha Desai (MA '08)
Provides high-quality, low-cost mental health care to people with low income.

Forest Eye Consulting - Brewster Boyd (MBA '08) and Peter Tittmann
Uses a suite of cutting edge remote sensing and spatial technologies to build inventory assessments and asset utilization plans for forestland owners.

Health Base, LLC - Sandeep Chauhan, Alan Chi, Antony Ouyang, Dayna Santoro, Rabindar Subbian (MBAs '08), and Mohammad Syed (BBA '10)
Builds a network of service centers providing health care services in India.

iX Systems - Aaron Nelson (MBA '08) and Brian Degnan
Provides microchip design and modeling software for high speed digital designers. - Heath Silverman and Jeremy Maynor (MBAs '08)
Online community for small to midsized business to access the same quality logistics services as large firms.

MEMS-Based Microelectrode Arrays for Cochlear Prostheses - Jianbai Wang (Ph.D '06), Gayatri Perlin (Ph.D '07), Adam Litle (MBA/JD '08), and Aaron Nelson
Provides microelectrodes that enable both high-density neural stimulation and sensory feedback in cochlear prostheses.

MEMS-Based Packaging Foundry - Jay Mitchell (Ph.D '07), Akshai Rao (MBA '08), and Thomas Fry (MBA '07)
Offers packaging research services that provide MEMS companies with the processing technology needed to bring MEMS products to market.

MyStyle - Catherine Lee (MBA '08) and Pan Lee
Recommends outfits from a user's personal wardrobe and from retailers.

Real Kidz Clothing - Merrill Guerra (MBA '07)
Clothing store for overweight children and youth.

ReceiptHub Inc. - Jaydeo Kinikar and Ravi Dixit (MBAs '08)
Helps consumers access receipts online from multiple point of sales.

Savium Technologies - Anuj Agarwal (MBA '07) and Lora Schulwitz (Ph.D '06)
Engages in the design and production of low-cost, high-performance electronically scanned array radar systems.

Strengthening the Family - Kirk Derr (MBA '08)
Uses monthly publications, nationwide trade shows, and educational programs to help spouses and parents.

Well-House Home and Building Supply - Matthew Garratt (MBA '08), Michael Edison (MBA '08), and John Bucher
Environmentally-friendly building supply center.

Winter 2006 - Integration Grants ($5,000 each)

Electrical Baseboards - Omar Elkheshen, Hector Gutierrez, Janakiram Maganti, Gary Rabinovich
Installs a patented electrical outlet solution that allows electrical devices to be plugged in at any point along a wall.

GROOM media - Colleen Cox, Sowmya Krishnamurthy, Adrian Morgan, Oleksiy Podkhyneychenko
Utilizes multiple media platforms to deliver male-centric content to men facing wedding planning.

Outfoxed - Jake Braly, Jason Godley, Bobby Wehmeyer
Has a browser software that delivers relevant search results enhanced by social networks.

Red Baron Rocks - Jared Ailstock, Matthew Kaczynski
Provides high quality landscaping boulders at lower cost to landscaping retailers in the Chicago area.

Winter 2006 - Assessment Grants ($1,000 each)

BusShark - Thomas Fry, Eric Hannon, Sunil Mathews, Dov Plawsky
Provides real time bus arrival data via the internet and cell phones to commuters.

Infinity Designs - Patrick Bowles, Evan Britten, Charles Covey, Michael Meng, Nitin Sharma, Jaskirat Sohi
Illuminates, organizes, and charges electronic devices while purifying the air.

Laptopps! Inc - Abhinav Chandra, Shobhit Rana
Designs customizable and removable laptop skins.

mySnap - Nate Johnson, Carl Timm
Executes image recognition based searches transmitted through cell phones.

NATCONS - Rajesh Mani, Karthik Sivakumar
Designs a software application that enables consulting firms to conduct resource management decisions more effectively.

National Poker Federation - Ian Withrow
An online and real-world poker community that transforms fans from recreational players to the competitive level.

RealDeal - Pavan Tapadia
Delivers specific customer-requested coupons via cell phones.

TrifectaCell - Rewadee Chaihetphon, Meghan Cuddihy, Jungwoo Lee, Oleg Svintsitski
Provides 3D plated cell scaffolds for compound testing and drug screening.

Unique Solutions - Madhu Barman, Anne Scherba, Chris Scherba
Installs permanent programmable indoor/outdoor lighting that utilizes LEDs and fiber technology.

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Fall 2005 - Integration Grants

NY Kid Car ($10,000) - Topher McGibbon
Opens the market for safe, comfortable, convenient transportation for young children and guardians.

Vida Dulce ($10,000) - Kort Syverson
Satisfies the Mexican hunger for ice cream by providing a stylish new franchise opportunity.

Intelligun ($5,000) - Yishai Mendelsohn
Has a biometric locking device designed to lock a firearm via fingerprint scanning.

Fall 2005 - Assessment Grants ($1,000 each)

Airline Recruiting and Training - Olivia Chen
Recruits and trains professional American pilots for a growing Chinese airline market.

Blood Analyser - Michael Tarasev
Develops a medical device to improve testing for red blood cell plasticity.

EnRoute - Gregg Hammerman
Provides airline snackfood service for regional and eventually national airlines.

Global Goods - Tim Limbert
Runs a short-haul trucking service that utilizes a Hydrogen Fuel Injection system and promotes quality of life for their duress.

Gregory Sports Management - Matthew Gregory
Sells multidimentional sports marketing opportunities to Global Fortune 500 companies.

GROOM Media - Adrian Morgan
Targets the marriage market for men through magazines and other vertical expansion opportunities.

Integrated Home Offices - Gary Rabinovich
Provides a single point of contact for all home office procurement and maintenance needs.

Master Model Design Company - Rewadee Chaihetphon
Models jewelry by converting hand drawings to CAD/CAM wax models ready for manufacturing.

OM Solutions for Emerging Markets - Mathieu Van Assche
Offers operations consulting to SME in the Euriopean Emerging Markets ( Poland, Hungary, etc).

Qualmod, LLC - Rajeev Jain
Proposes a computational engine available via internet to run water quality services.

Red Baron Rocks - Matthew Kaczynski
Supplies landscapers with quality boulders of various sizes from upper peninsula, Michigan.

Shelter One - Jonathan Kruszynski
Constructs short-term inflatable housing solutions for local emergency planners such as FEMA.

Sleep Lab Management Solutions - Edward Beltran
Manages physician run sleep labs in Pheonix and Las Vegas with future franchising ambitions.

Winter 2005 - Integration Grants ($10,000 each)

DuraPower - Adam Borden, Bodhi Burgess, Ed Chao, Nick Cucinelli
The DuraPower "Expedition" is the first market-ready Solid Oxide Fuel Cell that is truly portable, affordable, and compatible with widely available 1-lb propane tanks.

Winter 2005 - Assessment Grants ($1,000 each)

Airline Marketing Solutions - Jason Miller
In-flight interactive promotion services, provided by flight attendants, on flights across the U.S.

Convenience Care - Rebecca Arbuckle, Tony Tsai,
High-quality, timely and affordable basic healthcare in the U.S.

Integrated Monitor Company - Aren Arendsen, Sarah Arendsen
A biometric warning system integrated into baby monitors.

No Assembly Required - Raymond Hudack, Jill Katic, Michael Pecoraro
Capitalizing on commercial opportunities created by ready to assemble furniture industry.

Smart Sound - Marcelo Freitas, Richard Freitas
Application of an IP already in existence to a system targeting the automotive aftermarket.

Sweet Pea Teen Spa - Sheila Collins, Erica Roberson, Toria Crichlow, Karimah Malcolm
The spa experience for the teen population.

Vida Dulce - Kort Syverson, Brad Wolvin
A high-quality fast-casual ice cream experience in Mexico's urban areas.

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Fall 2004 - Integration Grants

AD-Screens ($5,000) - Luis Carbajo Regano, Steven Yarger
Markets, implements and manages digital systems for retailers.

DreamLight ($5,000) - Akash Randhar, Adarsh Das
A solar energy-based system to run basic electrical appliances in India's rural and semi-urban population with affordable prices and financing terms.

Integrated Bio Mimetics ($10,000) - Mike Crowley
A technology that enables researchers and medical practitioners to easily and effectively analyze cells and tissues in vitro.

NextServices, Inc. ($10,000) - Samir Deshpande, Satish Malnaik, Praveen Suthrum
A solutions provider for health care providers that improves administrative efficiencies and ensures compliance with regulatory mandates., LLC ($5,000) - Ethan Huang
An online shopping search model for the automotive enthusiasts' aftermarket industry.

Fall 2004 - Assessment Grants ($1,000 each) - Josh Berg, Robert Douglas
A virtual "coffee shop" community, with social networking, news, exhibits from local artists and musicians, and downloadable e-books and magazines.

Fibonacci's Healthy Fast Food - Matthew Kaczynski, Nick Owens
Healthy fast food restaurant catering to athletes, dieters, vegetarians/vegans, and other health-conscious Americans.

FindIt - Ian Cummings
A handheld GPS navigation system.

Green Dot - Leo Cheng, Terence Jen, Grace Lee
Business-to-business distributor of biodegradable tableware and packaging for restaurants.

HR Insight - Mitchell Hollberg
Organization analysis software.

Metro-Urban Real Development and Revitalization, LLC - Ratiera Harrison
Facilitates investment into developing economically disadvantaged communities to spur revitalization.

No Fall Zone - Jake Braly, Jason Godley, Tom Hiddeman
Retailers of unique masculine housewares, furniture and gifts.

Streaming English - Mitsuyuki Katakame, Steven Kime
Streaming daily English instructional content and reinforcing interactive games via broadband to families in Asia with pre-school-aged children.

Spirit Shop - Joseph Younes, Kerry Callaghan, Benjamin Lewis, Jeffrey Ngo, Todd Sullivan
Retailer and distributor of personalized, branded high school merchandise.

Weekend Gourmet Cookware Rental - Michele Savoie
High-end cookware rental for urban "foodies" who enjoy cooking and entertaining, but lack storage or interest in purchasing high-end cookware.

Winter 2004

Caliente Grille ($5,000) - Jeremy Sutton
Caliente Grille, a Mexican fast-casual restaurant with an aggressive growth plan, is positioned to open its first restaurant in Dearborn, Michigan.

Gluconix, Inc. ($20,000) - Sreeram Veeragandham
Gluconix has developed a non-invasive glucose-monitor to replace the current invasive blood testing process for diabetics.

iHome Electronics ($10,000) - Benjamin Lewis
The iHome solution offers an integrated media system, unified messaging system, and a home automation system all controlled by a central computer located in the home.

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Fall 2003

Asite Properties, LLC ($18,000) - Chris Ongena
Asite Apartments seeks to become a dominant real estate firm serving the young professional residential market niche.

Assay ($18,000) - Dave Purcell
Assay is pursuing the creation of a SmartShelf, a retail shelving system aimed at solving common promotional and in-store sampling challenges. 

European Professional Services ($10,000) - Irena Stoeva
European Professional Services is focusing efforts on bringing qualified professionals to the United States to work in industries with a shortage of U.S. workers such as health care.

RiskReps ($10,000) - Rodney Emerson
RiskReps mitigates the risk for high net worth individuals, such as professional athletes, by serving as an audit service provider between their clients and their chosen financial service providers.

Mosaic Enterprises ($5,100) - Kavita (Gunda) Bouknight
Spice It Up! seeks to provide private convenient cooking lessons to people in their homes, where instructors will teach the art of cooking quick, easy to prepare and tasty ethnic foods. ($5,000) - Adam Linkner seeks to provide college students with free and easy access to restaurant discounts, phone numbers, and menus.

Winter 2003

The Candy Factory ($20,000) - Kim Gans
The Candy Factory LLC is developing a theme-based interactive learning center for children.

Lightkeeper Films ($7,900) - Tom Anstead
Lightkeeper Films is an on-demand DVD publishing company providing independent filmmakers and film students a cost effective way to distribute their product. 

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Fall 2002

Valerie's Crepes ($12,500) - Richard Baudin
Valerie's Crepes seeks to become the icon in the crepes business in the U.S. and offers delicious made-to-order gourmet crepes, filled with fresh, flavorful ingredients.

Wolverine Real Estate Invstmt. LLC ($12,500) - Matthew Tucker, Steven Cassell
WREI is committed to improving and restoring urban and university properties in Southeastern Michigan, in order to provide high quality, high value residential housing to customers.

Winter 2002

B.A. Maze, Inc. ($10,000) - Robert Mazur
Launched a patent-pending medicine opener branded as the PurrFect Opener.

Blueback Seafoods ($5,000) - Ben Hassing, David Woloviec
Blueback Seafoods seeks to apply the current technological advancements in crustacean aquaculture to soft shell blue crab production.  

Mobius Microsystems ($20,000) - Jeff Wilkins, Wade Rushing
Mobius seeks to commercialize several patent-pending, mixed signal technologies that enable a next generation of silicon products to deliver high-performance, low-noise, mixed-signal solutions.

Pixel Velocity ($20,000) - Heather Grisham
Pixel Velocity seeks to use smart video technology to revolutionize the accuracy and efficiency of processing video data; the first effort was applied to burgeoning security markets.

Roger, Inc.($5,000) - John Gary
Roger, Inc. seeks to become the premier supplier of software solutions to the fitness market.

Xoran Technologies ($20,000) - Mark Wenger, Alex Virgilio
Xoran Technologies offers an alternative to current CAT scan technology that allows benefits to be available on demand in doctor and dentist offices instead of specialized labs and clinics.

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