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Michigan Business Challenge - 2014 Winners

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2014 Michigan Business Challenge
Round One of the 31st Michigan Business Challenge hosted 68 teams from across the University to compete. Of these, 16 teams competed in Round Two in January. Eight teams advanced to the Michigan Business Challenge Semi-Finals competition and four teams advanced to the finals where they competed for more than $60,000 in prizes.

2014 Michigan Business Challenge Winners

$20,000 Pryor-Hale Award for Best Business
$5,000 Williamson Award for Outstanding Business & Engineering Team
$2,000 Outstanding Presentation
Movellus Circuits
- a patent-pending clock generator technology for the microprocessor market. Muhammad Faisal (EECS PhD 14) and Daniel Andersen (MBA 14)

$10,000 Pryor-Hale Runner up Award for Best Business
$2,500 Marketing Award sponsored by Marketing Associates

Flipsi - a reusable drinking bottle that flips completely inside out to facilitate easier cleaning. Jeff Plott (MSE 13) and Chris Plott (MSE 03)

$7,500 Erb Institute Award for Sustainability
Keravnos Energy - an energy system that installs heavy duty power electronics and battery storage units in commercial buildings for fast-charging services to electric vehicle drivers and reduced building utility costs. Rupert Tull de Salis (MSEE 14), Dimitris Assanis (PhD ME 15) and Johannes Kristinsson (MBA 15)

$2,500 Marketing Award sponsored by Marketing Associates
$2,000 Outstanding Presentation

MyDermPortal a web-based app for dermatologists to provide follow-up treatment via the internet for the most common diagnoses in significantly less time than an in person visit. Paul Robichaux (MBA/MPH 14) and Vanessa Pena-Robichaux

$2,500 Most Successful Undergraduate Team
Lab Compass - a cloud-based software enabling more efficient collection, storage and sharing of sensitive healthcare data used in medical research. Alex VanDerKolk (BBA Dec 13), Nikhil Kumar (BSE 14), Max Wolff (BSE 14), Raul Iyengar (BSE 14), George Zakhem (LSA 14), David Middleton (LSA 15)

$2,000 Best Written Plan
- a Mobile app that automatically refines a user's professional network into a manageable group of important contacts and suggests relevant reasons to stay in touch. Sam Stevenson (MBA/MS 14), Adam Byrnes (MBA/MS 14) and James Ward (MBA/MS 14)

$200 was awarded to each of the 16 teams that advanced from Round one and competed in Round two. $500 was awarded to each of the semi final teams. *The following did not advance to the finals.

eV Score - A quantitative decision tool through a smartphone app and backbone website to help potential customers better evaluate electric vehicle options using their real world travel data. Hua Cai (PhD '15), Yang Li, Ming Xu

Lab Compass
- A healthcare informatics software platform that integrates meaningful use treatment data with qualitative patient input and administrative documentation to facilitate pioneering healthcare research. Alex VanDerKolk (BBA '13), Nikhil Kumar (BSE '14), Max Wolff (BSE '14), Rahul Iyengar (BSE '14), George Sakhem (LSA '14), David Middleton (LSA '15)

VeritaPharm - provides drug companies with a secure measure to differeentiate their products from counterfeit drugs.Jeremy Holzwarth (PhD '14), Rahul SIngh (PhD '14)

2013 Michigan Business Challenge Winners

$20,000 Pryor-Hale Award for Best Business
- a combination device and application for physical therapy and training. Cavan Canavan (MBA '12), Grant Hughes (MBA '13)

$10,000 Pryor-Hale Runner up
$5,000 Williamson Award for Outstanding Business & Engineering Team

Exo Dynamics - an ergonomic support device that enables healthcare practitioners who experience back problems to perform at their best in the operating room. Jorge Sanz Guerrero (ME '11), Daniel Johnson (PhD '12), Maren Bean (MBA '13), Sam Beckett (BSE '12), Pat Milligan (BSE '14), Mushir Kwaja (MBA '12), Joungwook Lee (MBA '12)

$2,500 Best Undergraduate Team
$2,000 Outstanding Presentation

Go Tickets - a digital ticketing solution for college and university athletic programs. Ari Luks (BBA '13), Tarrence van As (CSE '13)

$7,500 Erb Award for Sustainability
CentriCycle - Improving healthcare in rural India through appropriate, off-the-grid, diagnostic tools and education. Carolyn Yarina (BSE ’13), Alex Thinath (BSE ’13), Justin Beeker (BA '13), Michael Bodden (BBA '13), Harish Kilaru (BS ’16), Amin Haririnia (BA ’13)

$2,500 Marketing Award sponsored by Marketing Associates
Password Patterns - Offers a pattern of colored boxes in a matrix that allows one to memorize a design or color pattern other than numbers for a password. Benjamin Bagazinski (MSE '13), Bradley Kowalk (BA '13)

$2,000 Outstanding Presentation
PhasiQ, Inc. - Offering high throughput bioanalysis assays, producing data otherwise not obtainable to life scientists in pharmaceutical industries. Arlyne Simon (PhD '13), Josh White (PhD '13)

$2,000 Best Written Plan
$2,500 Marketing Award sponsored by Marketing Associates

*Torch Hybrid - A software service provider for marine hybrid-electric powertrain development and energy management. Justin D'Atri (MS '12), Sid Menon (MS '12), Swapna Potluri (MS '13), Sammit Nene (BS '13), Nate Henschel (BA '14), Matt Lankowski (MS '12), Rob Peeler

$200 was awarded to each of the 18 teams that advanced from Round one and competed in Round two. *$500 was awarded to the teams that competed in the semi-finals and did not advance to the finals.

Dinner With - An online volunteer and fundraising platform that helps charities connect with a broader donor base. Catherine Fish (MSW '13), Jillian Badanes (MBA '14), Sam Chen (MBA '14)

- A digital platform that allows premium magazine publishers to better monetize their content by selling on a per-article basis. Patrick Huang (MBA '13), Alexander Donics (MBA '13), Daniel Han (MBA '13), Michael King (MBA '13)

Universal Vaccine - Novel disruptive technology for creating vaccines against diseases caused by mutable viruses such as HIV & Hep C. Arjun Gupta (MsE '13), Dr. Marilia Cascalho, Dr. Jeffrey Platt

2012 Michigan Business Challenge
Congratulations to all teams who entered and competed! The 29th Michigan Business Challenge awarded over $60,000 to the following teams:

$20,000 Pryor-Hale Award for Best Business
$2,500 Marketing Award sponsored by Marketing Associates:  
Fashion Forward Maternity
- Based on the idea that all women should feel POWERFUL- BEAUTIFUL- COMFORTABLE- and CONFIDENT during pregnancy, Fashion Forward Maternity is a socially responsible online boutique where savvy professional women can borrow high quality and designer maternity and nursing fashions at a fraction of the price of new.   We then “pass it forward” by donating all gently used clothes that can no longer be rented to women’s organizations around the country. Erin Lewis (EMBA ’12), Judy Skiles Lavers (EMBA ’11), Sannie Sapier

$10,000 Runner-Up
$2,000 Outstanding Presentation:
Converge Medical Technologies
- Converge Medical Technologies is a medical device company that develops patient brain function monitoring solutions through principles of neuroscience. Our lead product, the Connect Monitor, employs a novel method to provide physicians with improved evaluation of patient awareness for anesthesia in surgery and sedation in critical care. A spin-out of the University of Michigan, Converge is positioned to improve patient health through innovative brain monitoring. Mike Johnson (MD/MBA, MIC Fellow ’12),  Jay Johnson (MSE, MIC Fellow ’12), Anna Ng (MHA, MIC Fellow ’12),  Anthony Tsai ( MD, MIC Fellow ’12), George Mashour

$7,500 Erb Award for Sustainability
$5,000 Williamson Award for Outstanding Business and Engineering Team
$2,500 Marketing Award sponsored by Marketing Associates
$1,000 Advancing to Finals:
- @FingerTips is a for-profit social-entrepreneurial company that builds devices enabling the blind to use modern touchscreen devices. The blind find devices such as Android, iPhone, & iPod Touch difficult to use as those devices have flat touchscreens and are vision-intensive. Our product is a device that can be attached to an iPhone (or Android) enabling the blind to use intuitive rotary physical dials to open thousands of applications, navigate content using buttons while listening to audio, speech, and feeling vibrations.  Siyang Chen (MFA ’13), P. K. Mishra (MBA ’12), Roger Potter (BSE Mechanical Engineering ’12), Nick Wilcox

$2,500 Undergraduate Award
$2,000 Outstanding Presentation:
- is a mobile website that lets you transact with any business via free text messaging.  The site solves a problem for the growing generation of consumers who want to communicate with businesses and friends the same way - through text conversation.  The team is lead by undergraduate BBAs and CSE students who will launch a scaled beta in March 2012. David Spiro (BBA ’12), Chad Stark (BBA ’11), Calvin Gee (BS Informatics ‘12), Cheng Chen (BS Computer Science Engineering ’12)

$2,000 Best Written Plan
$1,000 Advancing to Finals:
- StrideSports is a designer and manufacturer of fitness and exercise equipment with a mission to create fun, exciting, innovative products that inspire people to live healthier lives.  StrideSports has created a product portfolio around its two patent pending technologies, and will launch its business in 2012 with the introduction of the StrideRide, an ergonomically correct outdoor cardio machine that provides a true full body workout. Brian Beard (MBA ’12), Grant Weber (MBA ’11)

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