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Courses and Faculty

Whether seeking to succeed as an entrepreneur autonomously or in a corporate setting, the world of entrepreneurship operates on a different plane than conventional business enterprise and requires special preparation. Through the Ross School of Business Entrepreneurial elective courses, students are provided with the knowledge base and skills they need to be successful entrepreneurs now or in the future.

Entrepreneurial courses engage outstanding faculty members who are proven leaders in the entrepreneurial community to teach a broad range of interactive electives. The course offerings include classes on the formation, financing, and management of new ventures and specialized topics ranging from urban entrepreneurship to turnaround management. As part of the course structure, under the guidance of faculty, first-year students may select to work with a high growth, start-up company through Entrepreneurial MAP (EMAP).

The course selection guide provides direction on integrating courses with entrepreneurial focused events and programs. The Ross School of Business course listings and the Institute's Fall and Winter course lists guide students in selecting courses to meet their career path goals. Students can also set up an office hours appointment to discuss course offerings.

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