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Zell Lurie Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies
University of Michigan Ross School of Business
701 Tappan Street, R3200
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1234

734-615-4419 | zlicontact@umich.edu

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Current students - meet with an Institute staff member through our Office Hours advising program.

Prospective students - please visit us during our Prosepctive Student open office hours where there will be the opportunity to meet with Zell Lurie Institute staff, as well as with staff from the Erb Institute and Center for Social Impact. Nov. 7, 2-3 p.m.; Nov. 15, 2-3 p.m.; Nov. 21, 2-3 p.m.; Nov. 24, 4-5 p.m. or please contact Sarika Gupta to setup an appointment.

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Learn about the many ways in which students at the University of Michigan - Stephen M. Ross School of Business engage with the Zell Lurie institute.

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Email mnickson@umich.edu with "SUBSCRIBE" in the subject line to receive updates and information on upcoming events and programs for U of M students.

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Stewart Thornhill, Executive Director
734-615-4421 | thorstew@umich.edu

David J. Brophy, Director, Center for Venture Capital & Private Equity Finance
734-764-7587 | djbrophy@umich.edu

Erik Gordon, Associate Director and Clinical Professor
734-764-5274 |rmegordo@umich.edu

Sarika Gupta, Managing Director
734-615-4422 | sarikag@umich.edu

Mary Nickson, Marketing Program Manager
734-615-4424 | mnickson@umich.edu

Kelly LaPierre, Managing Director, Desai Family Accelerator
734-615-4425 | lapierr@umich.edu

Anne Perigo, Associate Director; Program Director, Master of Entrepreneurship
734-615-7134 | aperigo@umich.edu

Marybeth Davis, Program Assistant
734-615-4428 | mbdavis@umich.edu

Genel Frye, Administrator
734-615-4419 | gfrye@umich.edu

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