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Zell Lurie Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies
University of Michigan Ross School of Business
701 Tappan Street, R3200
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1234

734-615-4419 | zlicontact@umich.edu

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Current students - meet with an Institute staff member through our Office Hours advising program.

Prospective students - please contact Sarika Gupta to setup an appointment.

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Learn about the many ways in which students at the University of Michigan - Stephen M. Ross School of Business engage with the Zell Lurie institute.

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Stewart Thornhill, Executive Director
734-615-4421 | thorstew@umich.edu

David J. Brophy, Director, Center for Venture Capital & Private Equity Finance
734-764-7587 | djbrophy@umich.edu

Erik Gordon, Associate Director and Clinical Professor
734-764-5274 |rmegordo@umich.edu

Sarika Gupta, Managing Director
734-615-4422 | sarikag@umich.edu

Mary Nickson, Marketing Program Manager
734-615-4424 | mnickson@umich.edu

Kelly LaPierre, Managing Director, Desai Family Accelerator
734-615-4425 | klapierr@umich.edu

Anne Perigo, Associate Director; Program Director, Master of Entrepreneurship
734-615-7134 | aperigo@umich.edu

Marybeth Davis, Program Assistant
734-615-4428 | mbdavis@umich.edu

Genel Frye, Administrator
734-615-4419 | gfrye@umich.edu

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