2012 Fall Report

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I am pleased to present our 2012 Fall Report. Inside, we tell you how the Ross School of Business and Zell Lurie Institute are moving entrepreneurship to the forefront of business education. The award-winning, dual-focused approach of formal education and action- based learning -- viewed through the prism of entrepreneurship -- prepares graduates for entrepreneurial careers with start-up ventures, at venture-investing firms, and in corporate and nonprofit organizations.

Over the past year, the Institute has added new resources and reached significant mile- stones that build upon its solid 13 year foundation as a national leader in entrepreneurship education. Today, Ross School of Business students and graduates, and other University of Michigan students and graduates are realizing the power of entrepreneurship around the globe. I hope that as you read this report, you are inspired by our efforts and will discover meaningful ways we can work together.

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Sincerely, Thomas C. Kinnear, Executive Director

Take a Look Inside the 2012 Fall Reportarrow