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“Altogether these six interrelated foundational skills create an impactful, holistic approach to entrepreneurship education at Michigan and provide our students with a solid platform for entrepreneurial success,” Faley says. “The Institute and other entrepreneurial centers on campus are teaching students how to launch multiple businesses rather than simply guiding them through the formation of a single business. This ‘learn-do, learn-do’ repetition is ultimately what differentiates our programmatic approach from others in the higher-education field.”

Intrapreneur in Action

Matthew Neagle, MBA ’11, Senior Product Manager, Amazon Kindle

Matthew Neagle, MBA ’11, became an “intrapreneur” after accepting a position as senior product manager at Amazon Kindle following his Ross School graduation. “I’m at the center of a start-up within a large corporation where I’m dealing with an entrepreneurial environment that is resource-constrained, ambiguous and chaotic,” Neagle explains. “Yet, I feel right at home, thanks in large part to the preparation I received through the Zell Lurie Institute.” At Ross, Neagle participated in a number of Institute-led initiatives — including the Entrepreneurial MAP project course, the Dare to Dream grant program and the Michigan Business Challenge — which placed him with five start-up companies in five different industries. The hands-on business-development experience he gained at Reveal Design Automation, Algal Scientific Corp. and Phoenix Modular Elevator Co., among others, sharpened his entrepreneurial skills and exposed him to the real-time challenges facing new ventures. “There’s only so much you can learn about entrepreneurship in a classroom,” Neagle observes. “The only way to build your confidence is by actually going out and doing it.” The Institute’s success in creating an entrepreneurial ecosystem on and off campus also afforded easy access to seasoned local entrepreneurs and venture-capital investors. “The Zell Lurie Institute greatly increased the likelihood that I’ll make the jump to entrepreneurship sometime in my career,” Neagle says.

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