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Every day, changes that occur in the world generate new opportunities. Students need to understand their own capabilities, skills, assets, network and passions, and those of their team members in order to identify an opportunity that can become the foundation of a new business that they can build.

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MPowered 1,000 Pitches Finalist

Ankur Shah, BBA ’13, Intern, General Motors Co.

Ankur Shah, BBA ’13, combined his interest in the electric-vehicle (EV) market with his curiosity about entrepreneurship to develop an award-winning idea for an innovative “tire charging block” that would give apartment dwellers a cheap, convenient alternative for recharging their electric cars on-site. “I was exposed to the EV industry during a summer internship with a Tier 2 automotive supplier after my freshman year,” Shah says. “I realized afterward that this emerging industry offers a lot of opportunities to someone entering that area.” He submitted a short Webcam video with his elevator pitch for the tire charging block to the 2010 MPowered 1000 Pitches competition last fall and won first place in the environment category, taking home $1,000 in prize money. MPowered Entrepreneurship is a student organization focused on fostering a culture of student entrepreneurship campus-wide. “The 1,000 Pitches competition showed that anyone can create a pitch and become an entrepreneur,” Shah says. “You have to keep following up on your idea.” This past summer, he landed an internship through the Ross School of Business at General Motors Co.’s North America Market Analysis Division., where he is conducting research and compiling sales forecasts for the Chevrolet Volt.

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