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Once launched, in order for the start-up to achieve its goals and meet its investors’ expectations, skill in managing growth within a resource-constrained environment is vital.

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Debugging Semiconductor Chips

Steve Kawasumi, MBA ’12, Marcel Gani Intern, Reveal Design Automation (upper left)

At Reveal Design Automation in Ann Arbor, Steve Kawasumi, MBA ’12, assisted the start-up software company in managing its early stage growth by working on business and customer development for 12 weeks during his Marcel Gani summer intern. “I identified market needs, strategic partners, key customers and recent developments in the electronic design automation industry and determined how they relate to Reveal’s core technology,” Kawasumi explains. “The company needs to be aligned with design trends in the semiconductor industry in order to realize potential growth for its products.” Reveal has developed software tools that allow manufacturers to find flaws, or “bugs,” in their semiconductor chips during the design phase, and is currently running a beta customer trial with ARM, a leading chip-design company at the center of the smartphone and mobile-device ecosystem. Kawasumi laid the foundation for his work at Reveal by evaluating promising technologies for commercialization and pre-seed investment on the student-led Frankel Commercialization Fund, and attending two business-plan competitions. With eight years of experience in the semiconductor industry, he is well-positioned to launch his own company or to take a significant business role in an early stage start-up.

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