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Once launched, in order for the start-up to achieve its goals and meet its investors’ expectations, skill in managing growth within a resource-constrained environment is vital.

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Harnessing Growth Potential

Diane Bouis, MBA ’12, Marcel Gani Intern, Inovo

Diane Bouis, MBA ’12, honed her skill in managing growth as a Marcel Gani summer intern working on client projects with established manufacturing companies seeking to develop new technological applications or product improvements. During her 12-week summer internship at Inovo, an Ann Arbor-based innovation consulting company, she combined creative thinking and community mining to help a Fortune 50 chemical company identify alternative uses for its proprietary technology in the energy sector and a leading pet-products manufacturer find ways to improve its cat litter. “Bringing fresh new thinking in more than one dimension can help companies pursue the innovation and development they need to stay ahead of the competition,” Bouis says. “As an innovation consultant, I need to think outside the box and not be limited by specific technological knowledge that can hamper the creative process.” At the Ross School, she also participated in case competitions sponsored by Medtronic, Deloitte and Boston Consulting Group that strengthened her problem-solving and business-management capabilities. Bouis plans to leverage her MBA education and background as a research scientist at the University of Michigan Cardiovascular Center to work in health-care innovation consulting or in the strategy division of a major pharmaceutical company after graduation.

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