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Message from
Samuel Zell
Chairman Equity Group Investments

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Thomas C. Kinnear
Executive Director

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David J. Brophy
Director, Center for Venture Capital and Private Equity Finance

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Alison Davis-Blake
Edward J. Frey Dean, Stephen M. Ross School of Business








Entrepreneurial Education
Spans the Six Critical Skills
of Entrepreneurship

The Institute's success arises from its identification of and focus on six core entrepreneurial skills  ... more

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1. Opportunity Identification


Peter Adriaens

Firing up Undergrad Entrepreneurs

Ankur Shah, BBA ’13

MPowered 1,000 Pitches Finalist

2. Business Design


Allen Kim, BSE ’12

Breaking Into Online Retail

Vimal Bhalodia, MBA ’11

Quest for Entrepreneurial Opportunity

3. Business Assessment


Justin Jackson, Ph.D. AeroE ’12

Evaluating Entrepreneurial Potential

Zubair Ahsan, BBa/BSE ’11

Outstanding Undergraduate Business Team

4. Business Planning


Paul Davis, MBA/MS ’11 & Robert Levine, PhD ’13

“Think Green” Award Winner

Angelique Johnson, MSE ’07, PhD EE ’11

Award-winning Business, Team and Presentation

Tyler Paxton, MBA ’11

Accelerating a Start-up

Chad Stark, BBA '12, and David Spiro, BBA '12

Unlocking Entrepreneurial Resources

5. Resourcing


Erik Gordon, Managing Director, Wolverine Venture Fund

Money on the Firing Line

Shahnoor Amin, MSE ’10

Accelerate Michigan Innovation Competition Winner

Sherman Powell, MBA ’08

Catapulted to Entrepreneurial Success

6. Managing Growth


Diane Bouis, MBA ’12

Harnessing Growth Potential

Steve Kawasumi, MBA ’12

Debugging Semiconductor Chips

Platform For Entrepreneurial Success


Matthew Neagle, MBA ’11

Intrapreneur in Action

Lauren Miller, MBA ’11

Pursuing Social Entrepreneurship

Mary Lemmer, BBA ’10

Taste of Entrepreneurial Success

Todd Sullivan, MBA ’05

Turning New Ventures into Gold

Ben Lewis, BSE ’01, MBA ’05

Building Blockbuster Businesses

Zell Lurie Institute 2011 Milestones

Zell Lurie Institute Advisory
Board & Staff




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