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Before building a business, students need to know if it makes sense to build. Conducting a feasibility study provides that reality check.

Developing the Skill   Multidisciplinary Venture Creation Courses
Dare to Dream $1,500 Assessment Grants
Michigan Business Challenge (round two)
Wolverine Venture Fund
Frankel Commercialization Fund
Social Venture Fund

Evaluating Entrepreneurial Potential

Justin Jackson, Ph.D. AeroE ’12, Student Fund Manager, Frankel Commercialization Fund

With his sights set on launching a successful business someday, Justin Jackson, Ph.D. AeroE ’12, wanted to augment his aerospace-engineering background with entrepreneurial business skills. Last fall, he joined the technology team on the student-directed, pre-seed Frankel Commercialization Fund , which engages students in the very beginning stages of research commercialization where deals are sourced, technologies and inventors are evaluated, and companies are formed. “The skills an engineer uses to solve an engineering problem or develop an engineering product are quite different,” Jackson explains. “The Frankel Fund offered me an opportunity to understand what makes business start-ups successful and what investors look for.” Jackson tested the entrepreneurial waters in two multidisciplinary courses —Finance Professor David Brophy’s Financing Research Commercialization and Professor of Entrepreneurship Tim Faley’s Innovative New Business Design— and won a $500 Dare to Dream assessment phase grant for an aerial-photography services start-up.

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